Bike to Work Day 2024

Thanks to everyone who braved the elements and joined us for BNMC Bike to Work Day yesterday! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast by Unapologetic Coffee, followed by an energizing workout with Evolve Fitness. By lunchtime, the sun was out and we joined our friends at GoBike for a ride to their HQ over at 313 Broadway.

Kudos to the University at Buffalo who had the most riders bike to work yesterday. Go UB!

As always, our photographer Pat Cray (@yungpainkiller), was on hand to capture some wonderful images of the day.

Special thanks to our partners at GO Buffalo Niagara.

We can’t wait to do it again next year!

The BNMC Team.

BNMC Offers Biking Perks for Campus Employees

Free Reddy Bikeshare Memberships for Frontline Employees

Employees who work on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus can redeem a FREE annual pass to Reddy Bikeshare, courtesy of GOBNMC. New Reddy Bikeshare members can start by registering today at this link:  Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Employee Annual Pass.

For returning members, please email to request to be re-subscribed for free. Provide your work email address as well as your account number and a Reddy Bikeshare representative will confirm your new subscription within 24 hours.



Members pay an additional $0.01/ minute to ride and must be 18 years of age or older. Employees must sign up using their work email address and a have a valid debit or credit card. Please note that parking fees and fines may still occur. The parking fee is $2.00 to end your trip anywhere outside of a Reddy Bikeshare station or free parking zone. End your trip at any other Reddy Bikeshare station at no extra cost.

The pass will allow you access to any one of 385 bikes in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, 24/7, April – mid November.

Pro Tips: 

  • Download the Social Bicycles wp-content and use it to locate bikes, or simply walk up to one and enter your account number and PIN. Unlock the bike, place the U-lock in the holster and ride! You can lock the bike to any other Reddy station, public bike rack, or secure public infrastructure at the end of your trip.
  • The seat adjusts to your height, and there are three gears on your right handle and a bell on your left, use them!
  • Press the “HOLD” button on the bike’s keypad before locking the bike in order to keep your bike reserved while you make stops along your trip.
  • Find Bounty Bikes to accrue credit. When you find a Reddy bike outside of a station, bring it back to a station for us and receive $1.00 in riding credit.

COVID-19 Update

Reddy Bikeshare is considered an essential service as a valuable transportation provider under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s “New York on PAUSE” executive order and is available for users for essential travel only.

Reddy Fleet Team has increased bike cleaning and sanitation procedures.
Frequently touched surfaces like hand-grips, brake lever, seat and seat lever, U-locks and keypad, are undergoing more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting. Each bike is cleaned at least twice per week. Our Team is also taking additional precautions by wearing gloves and facial covers while they interact with bikes.

Hand Sanitizer Available

Courtesy of Independent Health, bikes are equipped with hand sanitizer for each rider to use before and after their trip, while supplies last.

Follow CDC and WHO recommended guidelines to stay safe and healthy.
While we will certainly do our best to disinfect bikes frequently, everyone should do their part to stay safe and healthy. Here’s some guidelines that have been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization:

  • Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer
  • Provide your own personal cleaning and disinfecting measures as you see fit
  • Wear gloves to add an additional layer of protection, but remember to wash your hands before and after putting gloves on
  • Stay at home if you are sick
  • Avoid touching your face without first washing your hands
  • Avoid close contact with others

Visit or e-mail for more information.

Sign Up for BNMC’s Secure Bike Parking & Discounted GObike Buffalo Memberships

It’s the perfect time to ride! Don’t forget that the BNMC has two indoor secure bike parking locations on the Medical Campus – one at the 854 Ellicott St. parking garage and the other at Ellicott & Virginia Streets. The best part – we’re partnering with GObike Buffalo to offer you discounted memberships through the end of the summer using promo code 2020GOBNMC50. Sign up today at and be sure to select BNMC individual membership.


  • BNMC Individual Membership includes member-only access to secure bike parking at 854 Ellicott and Ellicott & Virginia Streets.
  • The discount cuts the BNMC Individual Membership price in half to $17.50.
  • The bike parking membership includes all of GObike’s general membership perks. All information for membership perks can be found here.


BNMC Presents Virtual Stress Reduction Series

BNMC Presents Virtual Stress Reduction Series

Weekly Webinars in June with Innovation Center Tenant Lindsay Amico from Picture Perfect Mind LLC

The BNMC is excited to announce a free virtual Stress Reduction Series with Lindsay Amico, founder of Picture Perfect Mind LLC. In these uncertain times, many of us are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and are looking for an outlet to help manage all the added stress we’re experiencing.
Join us for our June webinar series every Tuesday at 2pm via Zoom to discuss topics including: stress awareness and your biological make up, thought management, mindfulness, goal setting, and more. Let’s end the stigma against mental health!


Part 1: Awareness: How is Stress Showing Up For Us? ?
Tuesday, June 2nd at 2pm
In our opening webinar, we’ll discuss awareness and begin to identify where stress currently exists for us. We’ll understand the long-term effects of stress and how it is an important part of our biological makeup. Participants will learn helpful tools to drop into the present moment and reduce stress in 5 minutes or less. Each participant will be emailed a workbook for this session.
Part 2: Perception: How Do Our Thoughts Affect Our Reality? ?
Tuesday, June 9th at 2pm
In the second part of our four-part series, we’ll discuss how to bring awareness to our current thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Participants will learn a simple thought management model as well as how to identify when their judgmental mind arises. The goal of this webinar is to learn that we are not our thoughts and we can always choose again. Each participant will be emailed a workbook for this session.
Part 3: Dropping Into the Present Moment: Tools to Tune Into Body and Mind ??‍♀️
Tuesday, June 16th at 2pm
For our third week, we’ll learn more about mindfulness and what it means for the busy professional. You’ll experience various exercises to explore mindfulness and how it can create space in your life. Tools include a body scan, meditation, visualization, and deep breathing techniques. Participants will be emailed a workbook for this session.

Part 4: Habit Creation: Stress Reduction as a Lifestyle ✅
Tuesday, June 23rd at 2pm

Congratulations! You’ve made it to week four of the series. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to implement everything we’ve learned over the past three weeks into our day to day lives. Participants will learn how to create a personal stress reduction commitment and how to achieve realistic goals in life. We’ll share what our biggest epiphanies and challenges have been and where we see ourselves going from here. Participants will receive a workbook via email for this session.


Lindsay Amico is a Mindset Coach in Buffalo NY. Her business, Picture Perfect Mind LLC, focuses specifically on helping people to feel better on a day to day basis with mindfulness, motivational and thought management tools. With an wp-contentroach the goes beyond stress reduction, Lindsay provides people with the tools to release limiting beliefs and connect to their true purpose.

Mental Health Matters at BNMC

On Tuesday February 14th , the BNMC Healthy Workplace Initiative hosted a Mental Health First Aid training for its client companies. There were 22 people in attendance from 11 companies, including Walsh Duffield, United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Lawley, and Pegula Sports Entertainment.
This nationally recognized training was provided locally by Compeer Buffalo, a non-profit that takes a friendship wp-contentroach to Mental Health. Its model is nationally recognized and has been awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as the American Psychiatric Association.

Mental Health First Aid training aims to educate the public on how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Upon completion of the training, participants received a certificate, identifying them as Mental Health First Aiders, equipped with the skills needed to reach out, offer help, and support someone who may be experiencing a crisis. Participants also walk away with a simple 5-step action plan in hand to help a colleague, loved one, or neighbor in dealing with a crisis until professional treatment is obtained.

Mental health is the most frequently requested topic among companies in the Healthy Workplace Initiative, and it is unfortunate the depth of local data available that supports this trend. According to the Economic Impact of Poor Health on Our WNY Community, depression alone is 19% prevalent in the Buffalo-Niagara region and costs our local workforce $170 million per year in medical spending and $415.7 million productivity losses each year. These data, combined with the existing stigma surrounding mental health, demonstrate the immediate need for further action to address the well-being of our region. BNMC hosted this training to not only improve mental health literacy among the local workforce, but to also empower collective urgency in combating mental health stigma through harnessing a proactive wp-contentroach.

In addition to being highly informative and educational on a variety of mental health challenges, the training featured a series of interactive activities to further reinforce course content. One of the most impactful activities involved comparing various mental health challenges with physical health illnesses. Based on a study by the World Health Organization, the rankings demonstrated how mental health challenges can be equally or even more compromising to activities of daily life as physical health challenges, such as vision loss.

Thank you to Walsh Duffield for sponsoring the event!

For more information on Mental Health First Aid Training, please visit

Hotlines in Crisis

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

National Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741

24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline for Erie County 716-834-3131

BNMC to Host Annual Last Minute Holiday Market on December 19

Join us for our annual Last Minute Holiday Market

on December 19th!


‘Tis the season to buy local! Stop by our annual holiday market to pick out unique gifts for your friends and family. Interested in tabling at this event? Vendors must register by December 16th at


dig at the Innovation Center, 640 Ellicott St., 1st floor


December 19th from 11:30am-1:30pm


All participating vendors are locally owned-small businesses. We will have lunch available for purchase from our Collision Cafe vendors, including Lime House, R&R BBQ and Green Eats Kitchen.




Not sure about electric cars? Hear from real-life drivers

Not sure about electric cars? Hear from real-life drivers

Over the past couple of months, we’ve sent you lots of content about how awesome electric cars are: information about cost savings, environmental benefits, available incentives, and how easy it is to charge. But don’t just take it from us! Hear directly from hwp-contenty electric car drivers by checking out our Testimonials page!

Electric cars have some of the highest consumer satisfaction rates of any vehicle: people love how quiet the cars are, how quickly they accelerate, their high-tech features, and, of course, the fact that they require way less maintenance than gas-powered cars! Nobody misses filling up the tank or getting yet another oil change.

Read more about what electric car drivers think here and then get your own electric car at a discount through Drive Green with National Grid at

Not sure about electric cars? Hear from real-life drivers

Not sure about electric cars? Hear from real-life drivers

Over the past couple of months, we’ve sent you lots of content about how awesome electric cars are: information about cost savings, environmental benefits, available incentives, and how easy it is to charge. But don’t just take it from us! Hear directly from hwp-contenty electric car drivers by checking out our Testimonials page!

Electric cars have some of the highest consumer satisfaction rates of any vehicle: people love how quiet the cars are, how quickly they accelerate, their high-tech features, and, of course, the fact that they require way less maintenance than gas-powered cars! Nobody misses filling up the tank or getting yet another oil change.

Read more about what electric car drivers think here and then get your own electric car at a discount through Drive Green with National Grid at

100 Days of Summer Wellness

100 Days of Summer Wellness

September is the time of year we simultaneously love and dread. Summer fun and vacations are over, and we’re brought back to routine work and school schedules. On Campus, we see more medical students – working, eating, and commuting beside us, as the new semester starts. Our hospitals continue to deliver world-renowned health care around-the-clock, while seasonal vegetables pop up on cafeteria menus along with festive pumpkin decorations on the inpatient floors. This time of year carries a spirit of being given a fresh start and inspiring us to get back to the grind – similar to the New Year. Except instead of winter weather advisories and health resolutions there are pumpkin spice lattes and back to school sales!

With that, let’s reflect on how healthy we’ve been together for the past 100 days of wellness this summer:

  • Weekly Tuesday yoga class engaged 151 people in 780 minutes of physical activity, which is the equivalent of 13 hours of pure yogi bliss. Thank you Yogis in Service.
  • 3000+ healthy meals were sold from the Innovation Center’s Fresh Takes Smart Fridge.
  • Group bike rides on Friday afternoons shredded 3,570 calories for 71 miles. That’s like biking to Niagara on the Lake and back. Thank you Reddy Bikeshare.
  • 1000+ CSA shares were distributed campus wide, providing employees and their families with fresh local produce, conveniently delivered to them right at work.
  • On Walk on Wednesdays, we walked 319,600 steps and burned 12,772 calories over 160 miles, which basically means we walked from Buffalo to Toronto and back. #runforestrun
  • The opening of Healthy Scratch at Buffalo General Medical Center in June 2019.
  • There were 1,000+ bike rentals from Medical Campus Reddy Bikeshare stations and 1,400 rides through the BNMC zone.
  • All 25 food trucks in the BNMC Food Truck Rodeo offered certified healthy options.

With all these healthy wins, let’s capture that New Years spirit of determination and get right to it now, in September! My charge to you is to make it your healthiest month of 2019 – we have the best local produce of the season, the weather is just right for walking and biking outside, and football is starting so you’ll need the healthy activities to balance tailgating festivities. Check out our Fall Wellness schedule!

Four New Summer Eats on or Near Campus!

Four New Summer Eats on or Near Campus!

August is here, and while there’s still plenty of summer left, we don’t have to tell you that now is the perfect time to get out and explore while the weather is beautiful. Here are some new spots we think you should check out for lunch or when you just need a mid-day pick me up.

The Healthy Scratch – This Harbor Center staple now has two locations on the BNMC! As you probably know. The Healthy Scratch is at Roswell Park and has most recently opened shop at Buffalo General Medical Center, featuring a wide variety of nutritious food and drink options. From nitro-brewed coffee to cold-pressed juices to smoothie bowls and sandwiches, the Healthy Scratch is the perfect spot to grab a snack or have a healthy lunch. Check out their website for a complete menu & hours of operation.

Buffalo Tikka House – Located at 23 Allen Street, the Buffalo Tikka House serves an authentic Bangladeshi and Indian Halal Cuisine. The new restaurant has received several reviews praising the flavor of their rich food and variety of dishes. They have an extensive menu, including vegetarian options and several variations of fresh naan. Buffalo Tikka House is open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner, and is available on GrubHub. Learn more about Buffalo Tikka House here!

Farmers’ Markets – Pick up farm fresh fruit, veggies and other delicious goodies at one of our local farmers’ markets –

  • Downtown Country Market – Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10am-2:30pm at Main & Court St.
  • MAP Mobile Market – Thursdays from 10am-12pm at the Moot Senior Center, 292 High St. & Tuesday 11am – 1pm at the Salvation Army, 960 Main St.
  • Roswell Park’s Market in the Park – Wednesdays from 11am-1:30pm at Kaminski Park & Gardens (Elm & Carlton Streets)

BNMC Food Truck Rodeo – We’re proud to host Buffalo’s largest daily Food Truck Rodeo at Washington & Carlton St! Every weekday from 11am-1:30pm, our Food Truck Rodeo features 2-5 trucks, each with a different specialty and cuisine. You’re sure to find your favorite trucks, including Lloyd’s, Amy’s Truck, Thai Me Up, and so many more! This location has plenty of outdoor seating, plus music and lawn games to create the perfect lunch break.

BNMC Hosts Buffalo’s Largest Daily Food Truck Rodeo

BNMC Hosts Buffalo’s Largest Daily Food Truck Rodeo

Looking for something new to try at lunch? Stop by the BNMC Food Truck Rodeo on the lawn at Washington & Carlton St. weekdays from 11:30am-1:30pm. We have a variety of trucks serving up so many delicious options, and healthy ones, too! All all your favorites are scheduled to join us, including Fat Bob’s, Amy’s Truck, Thai Me Up, Lloyd’s, and so many more. Located in the heart of the BNMC, the Food Truck Rodeo is here to serve anyone from scrubs to suits and all those in between!

  • We have different trucks scheduled for each weekday to ensure everyone’s tastebuds are hwp-contenty. Check out our schedule to see which trucks are coming when.
  • We have plenty of outdoor seating, plus music and lawn games to make the perfect lunch break!
  • Check out this video to see what the BNMC Food Truck Rodeo is all about.

Connecting Buyers to Businesses at BNMC Procurement Fair on June 5th

Connecting Buyers to Businesses

Don’t miss the BNMC Procurement Fair on Thursday, June 6 from 2-4pm. This event is designed to introduce local minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses and buyers from large and medium-sized companies and organizations.

Who should attend:

Buyers – anyone who make purchasing decisions for their company

Women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses – Free tables for local MWBEs who want to highlight their goods or services designed for companies and large institutions

Tables are limited. Register by May 28th to reserve your space!

This free event will be held at UB’s Educational Opportunity Center at 555 Ellicott Street in Buffalo.

Free parking is available for attendees in the lot on N. Oak (off Goodell Street behind the building).

Do Electric Vehicles Make Financial Sense? Find Out!

Do Electric Vehicles Make Financial Sense? Find Out!

Content from our partners at DriveGreen with National Grid. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great choice for today’s drivers not only because they’re fun to drive and protect the environment, but because they’re cheaper to operate than gas-powered cars:

  • Fuel costs: It’s cheaper (and cleaner) to drive a mile on electricity than it is to drive a mile on gasoline and electricity prices are much less volatile than gas prices. Savings on fuel alone can amount to several hundred dollars per year.
  • Service: Electric vehicles require much less service than gas-powered cars because they have fewer moving parts, so switching from a gas-powered car to an EV offers significant service savings.

Get the details at:

As a reminder, BNMC has partnered with National Grid to install electric vehicle charging stations around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for you to use. To make it easier for you to navigate EV offers and get into an EV, Drive Green with National Grid provides a website with accessible educational materials and discounted deals from local dealers. Check it out at:

Reddy Bikes are Back and Available to Ride for the Season!

Reddy Bikes are Back and Available to Ride for the Season!

All employees who work on the Medical Campus have access to a free annual Reddy Bikeshare membership (normally a $55 value!). There are two stations on Campus, one at Ellicott and Virginia, and the other located on Main St. near the Allen/Medical Campus train station. The entire BNMC is a free parking zone, so feel free to lock the bike to any secure public infrastructure.
To sign up and ride:
  1. Visit or download the Social Bicycles wp-content to register.
  2. Choose the Annual Pass, which will allow you access to all 200 bikes 24/7, April – November.
  3. Enter the promo code GOBNMC2019 at checkout. Make sure to hit “wp-contently” if you’re using the wp-content. Your membership fee will be waived, just pay 1 cent per minute to ride. Parking fees and fines may occur.
  4. Use the wp-content to locate bikes, or simply walk up to one and enter your account number and PIN. Unlock the bike, place the U-lock in the holster and ride! You can lock the bike to any other Reddy station or public bike rack in the city of Buffalo at the end of your trip.
Pro Tips:
  • The seat adjusts to your height, and there are three gears on your right handle and a bell on your left, use them!
  • Press the “HOLD” button on the bike’s keypad before locking the bike in order to keep your bike reserved while you make stops along your trip.
  • Find Bounty Bikes to accrue credit. When you find a Reddy bike outside a station or free parking zone, bring it back to a station for us and receive $1.00 in riding credit.
Visit or e-mail for more information.

Explore Our Neighborhoods this Spring!

Explore Our Neighborhoods this Spring!

With the weather getting (slightly) warmer, now is the perfect time to re-discover all of the amazing amenities our neighborhoods have to offer. Dozens of shops and restaurants are just a quick walk away. Don’t forget – the businesses along Allen Street are open during construction! Check out our list of explorer businesses here that offer discounts to every BNMC Neighborhood Explorer.

Not a neighborhood explorer yet? Find out how to become one today. This free amenity is available to everyone who works on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Medical Campus Drives Private Sector Growth

Companies on the Medical Campus

The Medical Campus is a dynamic consortium of world-class hospitals and health care facilities, exceptional education institutions, and innovative research institutions. Made up of 8 member institutions, the Medical Campus is home to hundreds of renowned physicians, clinicians, scientists, and researchers in oncology, neurology, immunology, vascular surgery, personalized medicine, cardiology, and beyond. The collaboration among our institutions combined with the significant research and clinical capabilities offered on the Medical Campus has led to the creation or co-location of more than 150 public and private companies including a dynamic and growing cluster of technology, life sciences, bioinformatics, energy, and social innovation companies, and not-for-profit organizations. View companies located on the Medical Campus below.

Member Institutions & Partner Organizations Located on BNMC

  • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.
  • Buffalo Medical Group
  • Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center
  • Buffalo Manufacturing Works
  • Hauptman-Woodward Institute
  • Kaleida Health – Buffalo General Medical Center, Gates Vascular Institute, HighPointe, Oishei Children’s Hospital
  • Kevin Guest House
  • Jacobs Institute
  • Olmsted Center for Sight
  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • St. Jude Center
  • University at Buffalo – Center for Biomedicine and Life Sciences; Center for Computation Research; Center for Material Informatics; Clinical & Translational Research Center; Educational Opportunity Center; Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Research Institute on Addictions; Ross Eye Institute
  • ZeptoMetrix

*For restaurants & other food options, visit www.bnmc-old.local/food

Innovation Center

  • 43North
  • 81 Eighteen
  • 911 Flex
  • Acara Solutions
  • ACV Auctions
  • AirExpert
  • All Pro Parking
  • Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • Apena Care Inc
  • Assisted Living Consultants, Inc.

    • Block Chain Resources Group LLC
    • Bozer
    • Boxcraft Studio
    • Brien’s Business Umbrella
    • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.
    • Buffalo Niagara Sleep Center
    • Buffalo Perspective
    • CAI Gobal/Hope Buffalo
    • Canadian Consulate in NY
    • Capital Insights Group of WNY
    • Cheiron
    • Connare Tech, Inc
    • Crews Group
    • Debitrum
    • EB-5 New York State LLC
    • Everon Biosciences
    • Explora Connections
    • Forsake
    • Genome Protection
    • Girls Education Collaborative
    • Glide Health IT, Inc
    • Global Dyamic Group
    • GoBike Buffalo
    • Guideline Medical
    • HiOperator
    • Huntview
    • Immersed Games
    • Inside Insight LLC
    • Jeca Energy Bar
    • JMS Technical Solutions
    • Kangarootime
    • Kermis Profitability Solutions
    • Koobusoft
    • Lena Levine Studio
    • LenderLogix
    • Let There be Light International
    • Lincoln Archives Family of Companies
    • Lindquist
    • MED VAR
    • Med-Scribe Inc
    • Memory Fox
    • New York Technology
    • Niagara Share
    • OncoTartis
    • Parson Group
    • Produce Peddlers
    • Peeva LLC
    • PurEndo
    • Queen City Risk Management
    • Quidni Labs
    • Analytics
    • Robb Surgical
    • Rodriguez Construction Group
    • Secureware Technologies
    • Shared Mobility, Inc
    • SNAPCAP of WNY
    • SparkCharge
    • Squire
    • Suite It
    • Suncayr
    • Talking Pictues/ Randford
    • TARA. Ai
    • Tartis
    • Toca Travel Services
    • TrainSmart
    • Travel Healthcare Accrediation
    • TROVE
    • Vargas Associates, Inc.
    • Wesolowski & Associates PC
    • Western NY Environmental Alliance
    • White Buffalo Creative
    • WNY Works Staffing Placement
    • Wynne Creative Group
    • Your Corporate Agent/ Vonsway
    • Z80 Labs
    • Zany Nomad
    • Zwp-contentos

BioSciences Incubator at the CTRC

  • AccuTheranostics
  • NeuroTrauma Sciences
  • Neurovascular Diagnostics

UB Gateway

  • 3AM Innovations
  • Buffalo Employment & Training Center
  • Burner
  • Clean Capital, LLC
  • CleanFiber
  • Clearview Social
  • Decision Pace Inc.
  • Erie Niagara Health Education Center (AHEC)
  • Femi Secrets
  • Garwood Medical
  • Helm
  • Ignition Life Solutions
  • Kickfurther
  • Launch NY
  • LegWorks
  • Magnusmode
  • Quantranalytic Corporation
  • Sedara, LLC
  • Silo City IT, Inc.
  • SomaDetect
  • UB Associates, Inc. (UBF) – UBMD
  • UB Emergency Medicine
  • UB Family Medicine (UBF)

73 High Street

  • 22nd Century
  • Buffalo BioLabs
  • Buffalo Molecular Design & Development
  • CH3 Biosystems
  • Cleveland BioLabs
  • CPL Associates
  • Photolitec
  • Robb Surgical
  • Tactiva Therapeutics

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Global Biotechnology & Cancer Therapeutics
  • MimiVax
  • Panacela Labs

Hauptman-Woodward Institute

  • HarkerBIO
  • OmniSeq
  • American Crystallography Association

Conventus at 1001 Main Street

  • Athenex
  • AMRI
  • KeyBank
  • UBMD Offices
  • Oishei Children’s Outpatient Clinic

UB’s NYS Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

  • Acudex, Inc.
  • Aesku NY, Inc
  • AHRM, Inc.
  • AMI Oncotheranostics, LLC
  • Athenex, Inc.
  • Canget BioTekpharma, LLC
  • CH3 Biosystems, LLC
  • Chronicle Life Sci America Corp
  • Efferent Labs, Inc.
  • Enhanced Pharmacodynamics, LLC
  • Frontier Science & Technology Res Foundation, Inc.
  • Greenwich Geriatrics, LLC (dba Patient Pattern, LLC)
  • Qoma, LLC
  • Aigh StarPro, LLC
  • Sunstar, Inc.
  • Tactiva Theraputics, LLC
  • Veronomics
  • Zeptometrix, Corp.

Olmsted Center for Sight

  • Clean Slate
  • Last updated Feb 2018

Drive Green with National Grid

Drive Green with National Grid

We are very excited to announce a new electric vehicle discount program, Drive Green with National Grid! We have partnered with National Grid on many projects over the years, including infrastructure upgrades, developing an energy master plan, an innovative community solar program, and installing the first electric vehicle charging stations on the Medical Campus back in 2011.

As we look to a cleaner, greener future, National Grid has partnered with the non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance to build up a network of local car dealerships who offer everyone who works on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus fixed purchase discounts and great lease deals on a monthly basis. Stay tuned each month as we highlight new information on the program and deals that you can take advantage of.

Drive Green

Right now, there are great deals on the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt and plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt, Honda Clarity, and Mitsubishi Outlander, with more coming soon! The Drive Green with National Grid discounts are in addition to the New York State Drive Clean rebate (up to $2,000) and the federal tax credit (up to $7,500). The Drive Green with National Grid website has a wealth of information about the cars, incentives, charging, environmental impact, and more. Check it out here. To qualify for the program discounts, all you have to do is fill out this form.

We hope you’ll drive green soon! If you have any questions, you can email

GOBNMC 101: So Many Ways to Get to Work on the Medical Campus!

GOBNMC 101: So Many Ways to Get to Work on the Medical Campus!

 For people who work on the Medical Campus, there are plenty of ways to commute to work that are healthy, have less impact on the environment, and save you money!

The BNMC team coordinates the planning, development, and management of a multi-modal transportation system that provides safe and efficient access to the Campus, strives toward world-class customer service, enhances transportation options for the overall community, and supports an urban, walkable environment.

What does that mean to you, someone who is just trying to get to work, you ask?

Essentially it means that we want to create a healthier community while ensuring easy access for patients, employees & visitors to destinations on the Medical Campus. To do that, we work with many partners to continue to grow and improve the many transportation and commuting options. Sign up for any of our transportation programs at to discover your options and savings!

Commuting Options & GoBNMC Perks:

  • Public Transit: The newly renovated Allen Street/Medical Campus Subway station is located right on Campus inside the new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The NFTA has also extended bus routes from the Southtowns to the Medical Campus with pick-up and drop-off locations at Carlton and Ellicott streets. Ask your employer about the BNMC corporate subsidy of at least $20 for monthly metro passes and pre-tax savings for transit to make it even more economical.
  • Carpool: If driving with one or more colleagues, you can take advantage of preferred parking spaces and a carpooling pass that allows you to split the cost of parking with up to four people. Pre-tax payroll deductions may make this even cheaper.
  • Bike: We more than doubled the number of bike racks across the Medical Campus in 2018 and we have secure bike storage with 24/7 member-only access at the corner of Ellicott and Virginia and soon to be open in the new garage at 854 Ellicott. Once the weather breaks (for good!) the Reddy Bike team will get the bike share program back in action. Stay tuned for the free annual membership code (available to everyone who works on the Medical Campus).
  • Need a ride after getting to the Medical Campus without a car? Take advantage of the Zipcar Carshare program to use a vehicle for a flat rate (includes gas & insurance). Free membership and discounted rates are available for Medical Campus employees. We also offer Guaranteed Rides Home through Lyft if something unexpected comes up and you need to be there quickly!
  • Walk: Enjoy the scenery and the health benefits by getting to Campus on your own two feet!


More People Taking Public Transit and Walking to Work on the BNMC Than Ever Before

More People Taking Public Transit and Walking to Work on the BNMC Than Ever Before

Percentage of Employees Driving Alone to Medical Campus Drops, NFTA Bus & Rail Numbers Increase as BNMC Expands Efforts to Provide Alternative Transportation Options

More than 15,000 people work and study across the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus each day. As this number has nearly doubled over the past decade, the BNMC team actively works to create a safe, accessible destination while building a sustainable transportation system for employees, neighbors, and the community.

BNMC’s most recent employee survey shows that the percentage of employees driving alone has dropped to 80%, down significantly from 88% in 2012 and 84% in 2016. The percentage of employees taking public transportation has increased to 11%, up from 4% in 2012 and 7% in 2016. The percentage of employees walking to work is at 4%, a substantial increase from 1% in both 2012 and 2016.

Every several years, the BNMC team works with our transportation partners within the BNMC institutions to survey employees on how they get to work.

“We are definitely pleased with the direction our numbers are heading. We work very closely with our regional transportation partners to create convenient, safe, and affordable options for employees, patients, and visitors to get to the BNMC,” said Bill Smith, BNMC’s director of access and transportation. “Most recently, we partnered with NFTA to establish and pilot the first Corporate Pass Program, which allowed employers to provide a less expensive option for employees interested in riding the light rail to work.”

Recent workforce data on the BNMC showed an increase of employees who live within the City of Buffalo and in particular within the zip codes touching the BNMC. Our team also works closely with leaders from the BNMC institutions’ human resources and hiring teams, to ensure that we are continuing to increase access to job opportunities on the BNMC. In 2017, one-third of the new hires in our larger institutions were from the surrounding neighborhoods, and nearly 40% live in the city.

Electric Vehicles 101

Did you know that the BNMC has installed more than 30 electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) across the Medical Campus, with the ability to charge almost 50 vehicles? We are committed to ensuring that our infrastructure supports sustainable transportation, everything from making it easy to charge electric vehicles, to installing hundreds of additional bike racks, to providing reduced-rate transit passes. We are building an innovation district known for accessible, environmentally-forward ways for everyone to get here.
With so much talk about electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure, we thought we should help answer some questions we hear often. What is an electric vehicle, what isn’t, and why should I care? Here’s a quick Electric Vehicles 101.

Your basic conventional car runs on an internal combustion engine: you add gasoline, it ignites and releases energy that is translated into motion. In the process, however, the vehicle releases carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. In the United States, the transportation sector is responsible for 28% of our greenhouse gas emissions, more than any other sector (hint: this is part of why you should care!). Learn more about how our team is a part of the national conversation.

An electric vehicle (EV), in contrast, runs on an electric current. There are three main types of vehicle commonly called “electric”, and it’s worth knowing the difference:

  1. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) run only on electricity. With a BEV, you charge the car’s battery with electricity. That battery then powers the electric motor, which propels the car forward. Since the car itself is not burning a fuel to generate movement, there are no tail-pipe emissions. Instead, the carbon footprint of a BEV depends on how the electricity that runs it is produced.
  2. Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) combine a battery-powered electric motor with an internal combustion engine. You charge your vehicle with electricity and use it much like an all-electric vehicle. However, if and when you run out of charge, the gasoline provides fuel as a back-up. While running only on electricity, a PHEV’s carbon footprint again depends on the fuel mix that generated the electricity. As soon as the internal combustion engine switches on, the engine’s tail-pipe emissions add to the vehicle’s carbon footprint.
  3. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) also combine an internal combustion engine and an electric propulsion system. However, you cannot plug them in to charge them with electricity, so they are not strictly speaking “EVs”. However, HEVs are more efficient than traditional internal combustion engines because they take advantage of technologies such as regenerative braking.

The more you know!

MWBE Pitch & Roundtable Event

MWBE Pitch & Roundtable Event

More than 75 small business owners and buyers from local institutions attended the MWBE Pitch & Roundtable on October 23, presented by the BNMC, ECMC, Kaleida Health, Roswell Park, and the University at Buffalo.  The event included an opportunity for some of the small business owners to pitch their company directly to the purchasers in the room (including the other small businesses), and also a roundtable discussion featuring several MWBE business owners who have formed successful business relationships with the institutions on hand.  This event is part of the BNMC’s ongoing efforts to connect local small businesses with large purchasers to help grow the economy in our community.

Small Business Pitch Presentations 
Aitina Cooke Heather Sidorowicz 
Get Fokus’d Productions Southtown Audio Video
Katie Krawczyk Sabina Ramsey
19 IDEAS Insight International
Joseph W. Call Luanne DiBernardo
Call Associates Inc. Coolture
Amanda Coniglio Lena Levine
Calvary Safety & Security Lena Levine Studio
Eva Lana Jazslyn Leon
Wellacopia Executive Sweeps LLC
Esteban Guerrero  Jennifer E. Cooper
In His Hands Electric Cooper Sign Company
Tracy Jordan-Cardwell Terrence Gidney
TJC PR Affordable Scrubs
Nichole Perry
Med-Scribe, Inc.

Small Businesses Invited to Connect with Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Institutions and Partners

Small Businesses Invited to Connect with Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Institutions and Partners

Minority, women and veteran-owned businesses a focus for event that includes pitches, networking, presentations on how to do business on the Medical Campus

Small, local businesses, particularly those that are minority, women or veteran-owned, are invited to participate in an upcoming BNMC pitch, roundtable discussion, and networking session designed to connect business owners with those that make purchasing decisions for the institutions on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and partner institutions. The event is free and open to all local small businesses and buyers who make purchasing decisions.

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 23 from 1:00 pm  – 4:00 pm (registration begins at 12:30 pm) at the University at Buffalo’s (UB) Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) at 555 Ellicott Street. The event will include brief (three minutes or less) pitch presentations by 15 local, minority and women-owned businesses, followed by a chance to informally network with representatives from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus institutions and other participating businesses. The last session will be a roundtable discussion with representatives from UB, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaleida Health, and Erie County Medical Center on how to do business with each institution, as well as a chance to hear from Rodriquez Construction Group, Golden Cup, and CARA Medical about how they have been successful working with these large institutions. Interested participants can register at

The event is designed for any local and women, minority and veteran business owners who want to learn how to do business with large institutions.  Area employers are also encouraged to participate in the event.

This event is sponsored by the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. (BNMC), and UB’s Educational Opportunity Center, in partnership with UB, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaleida Health and Erie County Medical Center.

Fall Safety Reminder

The days are getting shorter, and before we know it, snow will be falling and holiday tunes will be inescapable. With the change of the season upon us,  it’s good timing to practice thoughtful parking lot safety. Although the distractions are tempting, try to avoid texting, listening to music, or talking on the phone when walking to and from your car. Looking down or wp-contentearing preoccupied can make you easily targetable.
Here are some important tips and reminders to stay safe this season:

  1. Don’t leave gifts or valuables visible
  2. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when walking in the parking lot – keeping your head up and shoulders back
  3. Don’t assume drivers can see you, even when you see them
  4. Remember to wear proper footwear especially when it’s snowing and the grounds are slick
  5. Consider buddying up or walking in groups
  6. Walk in well-lit areas

Tobacco-Free BNMC

A reminder that the entire Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is tobacco-free. As a Medical Campus, the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and employees is our top priority. Please help us to build a culture of health here and don’t make our visitors and employees breathe second-hand smoke. Need help quitting? Contact the NYS Smokers’ Quitline today.

Infrastructure Improvement Alert!

The City of Buffalo will be paving the following streets on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus from Monday, October 8ththrough Friday, October 12th. There will be no parking on these blocks beginning 10/8 at 12:01am. Work is anticipated to take a week (weather permitting). Traffic will be maintained via flag persons. The impacted blocks are: High Street from Main to Ellicott, Washington Street from High to Virginia, and Virginia Street from Ellicott to Michigan. Employees are asked to please take other routes through the Medical Campus if possible to ensure ease of patients and visitors in getting to their destination.
PLEASE NOTE: Asphalt is placed at temperatures in the 240-270 degrees Fahrenheit range. For your safety, please avoid stepping onto freshly placed asphalt!