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Offer a Variety of Commuting Options for your Employees.


BNMC offers a variety of programs that make it easier to get to work and choose a greener commuting option, but there is much more that leaders like you can do for your own employees. We can help you develop policies and programs for your company.

Reduce Your Costs

Leasing and constructing parking is expensive, as are the costs of operating and maintaining parking. Whether you’re a long-standing company or a growing business, we can help you save money by reducing your need for parking. We can offer transportation solutions that are low-cost and some that are even no cost.

Benefit Your Workforce

Not everyone wants to drive to work. Plus, affordable commuting options aren’t only good for your bottom line, they help keep money in your employees’ bank accounts as well. Your employee talent pool and your employee retention rates can grow if you make it easier to get to work without having to drive.

Improve Employee Health

Daily commutes can be great opportunities to fit exercise into busy lives. Employees who choose active travel methods have shown to be less stressed, more positive, and more productive at the workplace.

Get Recognized for Being Green

When your employees choose green travel methods, it’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for public relations. Companies that are environmental stewards are known to attract higher-tier talent and positive publicity.