Food Systems

We strategize, design, and implement initiatives that build and strengthen the local and regional food system.

What We Do

We believe changing policy, culture, and environment is the best way to address today’s public health crises. Our initiatives aim to prevent, reduce, and address the burden of obesity, food insecurity, sedentary lifestyles, climate change, and mental disease at the population level.

USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program: The FarmHouse Fridge Business Incubation

In 2020 BNMC received a 3-year $281,000 grant from the USDA to build and expand The FarmHouse Fridge business. The aim is to make locally-sourced fresh healthy meals accessible 24/7 in healthcare, workplaces, and residential facilities.

USDA Local Foods Promotion Program: Implementation Farm to Hospital

In 2018 BNMC received a 3-year $351,000 grant from the USDA to enhance local food procurement in healthcare institutions. The project includes building up the institutional supply chain, creating a tracking strategy, and educating employees and patients of the benefits of local foods.

BNMC convenes the Healthy Food in Healthcare Work Council and the BNMC Healthy Foods Steering Committee, both coalitions of institutional, food, farm, and community partners who support ongoing efforts of this program.

A partnership with Healthcare Without Harm and membership to Practice GreenHealth were integral in supporting the work of the Farm to Hospital project.

Food Policy Council

BNMC played an integral role in the formation of the Buffalo Erie Food Policy Council and has held a council seat since its inception, representing institutional food procurement.

Buffalo Public Schools Farm to School Initiative

We were part of the initial Farm to School team with Buffalo Public Schools to create a Farm to School and Harvest of the Month program, funded by the USDA, to provide healthy, locally-sourced school lunch options for students.

USDA Local Food Promotion Program: Planning Farm to Hospital

In 2015 BNMC received a 1-year $25K planning grant from USDA in partnership with Healthcare Without Harm, Field & Fork Network, and Cornell Cooperative Extension Harvest NY to explore the opportunity for a local foods procurement program on the Medical Campus.