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BNMC Farm to Hospital

BNMC is working with Western New York healthcare institutions to increase local food procurement and expand consumer knowledge on the benefits of supporting the local food system.


BNMC’s Farm to Hospital Initiative started in 2015 when our team applied for and received a USDA Local Food Promotion Program Planning Grant and established partnership with member institutions Roswell and Kaleida. Learning the challenges needed to implement and sustain local food procurement efforts BNMC then applied for and received a second USDA grant in 2018 for $351,000 to enhance efforts.

Local Food Procurement

This collaborative work has created a culture which embraces local farms through prioritizing local procurement; established and expanded CSA and farmers market programs; established food chain transparency through tracking software; and increased awareness and knowledge among consumers of local food procurement efforts through successful Farm to Hospital Marketing Campaigns. We have presented nationally to share our work at the USDA Marketing Summit and Farm to Institution New England.

Healthy Food in Healthcare Work Council

Sustainability requires ongoing partnership which BNMC provides through the Healthy Food in Healthcare Work Council. The Council is comprised of 50+ agribusiness and hospital stakeholders (farmers, distributor, food service teams as well as c-suite hospital executives) and provides educational and networking opportunities.

Healthy Foods Steering Committee

BNMC also leads a committee comprised of 15+ top executives and leaders from Oishei Children’s Hospital, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Kaleida Health and Roswell Park Cancer Care Center, African Heritage Food Cooperative and Urban Fruits & Veggies/Go Green dedicated to nourishing our campus and our neighbors through healthy food innovations.

The Steering Committee’s mission is “To bring innovation through the power of healthy food to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and surrounding communities through mutually beneficial enterprises; promoting access to high quality nutrition; reducing food disparities, and inspiring future generations to improve community health and well-being”