Do Electric Vehicles Make Financial Sense? Find Out!

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Do Electric Vehicles Make Financial Sense? Find Out!

Content from our partners at DriveGreen with National Grid. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great choice for today’s drivers not only because they’re fun to drive and protect the environment, but because they’re cheaper to operate than gas-powered cars:

  • Fuel costs: It’s cheaper (and cleaner) to drive a mile on electricity than it is to drive a mile on gasoline and electricity prices are much less volatile than gas prices. Savings on fuel alone can amount to several hundred dollars per year.
  • Service: Electric vehicles require much less service than gas-powered cars because they have fewer moving parts, so switching from a gas-powered car to an EV offers significant service savings.

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As a reminder, BNMC has partnered with National Grid to install electric vehicle charging stations around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for you to use. To make it easier for you to navigate EV offers and get into an EV, Drive Green with National Grid provides a website with accessible educational materials and discounted deals from local dealers. Check it out at: