The Kane Firm (Virtual Office)

The Kane Firm offers a wide range of services to individual and business clients. Because the firm is relatively small, clients receive personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison.
Services include:

* Accounting Services

* Bookkeeping/Write-Up

* Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

* Financial Forecasts & Projections

* Financial Statements

* Reviews and Compilations

* Asset Protection

* Bankruptcies

* Mergers & Acquisitions

* Business Consulting

* Business Entity Selection

* Business Succession Planning

* Business Valuations

* Buying & Selling a Business

*Debt & Financing Services

* Estate Planning

* Financial Planning

* Fraud Prevention & Detection

* Investment Review

* Management Advisory Services

* Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

* Retirement Planning

* Tax Services

* Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

* IRS Representation

* Sales Tax Services

* Tax Planning & Preparation

* Tax Services

*Tax planning & return preparation

And much, much more.


The Inventures Group

The InVentures Group consists of entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives with a tremendous breadth of experience. They all bring their talents to corporate organizations from the start-up stage to mature businesses to help them achieve success. The InVentures team can provide both long and short-term assistance, interim management, mentoring, and consulting across a wide range of industries and markets. Most importantly, they collaborate with organizations of all sizes, in any stage of development, to create self-sustaining and profitable businesses while maintaining each company’s unique culture and personality.
The InVentures Group places emphasis on assisting in the complex and highly challenging task of bringing new product ideas and technologies to market by providing a broad array of services and capabilities tailored for maximum benefit at affordable economics.


* Management – The InVentures Group offers a flexible, cost-effective solution by bringing a wide range of strategic, financial, technical, sales, operational, and other business management skills on an as-needed basis to the entrepreneurial company, without disrupting the culture or personality of the organization.

* Technology – The Inventures Group includes scientific and technical experts in a wide range of disciplines including advanced materials, energy, cleantech, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and many others. In addition, InVentures maintains strong ties to research organizations, universities, thought-leaders and innovators around the globe to provide assistance, assessments, and advice to the technology-based organization, creating opportunities through licensing, strategic partnering, technology development and acquisition.

* Finance – The InVentures Group provides advice and assistance on selecting the right sources of financing, structuring and negotiating equity and debt financings, and exploring a range of alternative wp-contentroaches to generating capital and cash flow.

* Health & Safety – The InVentures Group can provide programs designed for the small technology company, undertake gap assessments, and provide training and certification to maximize the return on the investment made in this area.

* Online Strategy & Design – The InVentures Group offers a complete suite of services including graphic design, website development, public relations, social media assistance, nd proprietary search and research software tools to create the maximum value for its clients.

* Marketing & Sales – Services including brand and logotype development, press release development, public relations, marketing strategies, technical article writing, and international sales channel development are all provided by The InVentures Group.


Sleep Medicine Centers of Western New York

The mission of Sleep Medicine Centers of Western New York is to provide excellence in sleep medicine care. Sleep Medicine Centers provides consultations to adults and children with sleep problems including:
*Obstructive Sleep Apnea   *Insomnia   *Restless Legs Syndrome   *Narcolepsy   *REM Behavior Sleep Disorders   *Parasomnias and more

Sleep Medicine Centers:

Offers a safe, comfortable sleeping environment to study your sleep.

Reads and interprets sleep studies, and provide them to you and your physicians in a timely manner.

Carries out research to further knowledge in sleep medicine.

Educates medical residents and fellows in the practice of sleep medicine.



Sitel is redefining outsourcing excellence in the contact center, by raising the bar on expectations. Sitel is the leading global business process outsourcing provider of customer care and complementary back-office processes.
Sitel’s clients, many of the largest and well known brands in the world, have selected and continue to partner with Sitel for one reason: Sitel delivers the results they want and expect.

With over 26 years of industry experience, Sitel has twice been ranked as the top overall call center outsourcing provider in Datamonitor’s annual Black Book of Outsourcing survey. Sitel’s 57,000 employees provide clients with predictable and measurable Return on their Customer Investment by building customer loyalty, increasing sales and improving efficiency. Sitel’s solutions span 120+ domestic, nearshore, and offshore centers in 25 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The company is privately held and majority owned by Canadian diversified company, Onex Corporation.




OncoMed Pharmaceuticals

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving cancer treatment by developing monoclonal antibodies and other agents that target the biologic pathways critical to tumor initiating cells, also known as “cancer stem cells”. OncoMed is leveraging our understanding of these tumor initiating cells to discover and develop novel therapeutics that could provide important alternatives for the treatment of cancer.



NewWorldTrade is run by Steve Leous, who has over 20 years of broad business experience in the U.S. While working in numerous settings Steve noticed the inability of many conventional marketers to capitalize upon new growth opportunities.
In many cases, marketers were just too busy running the day-to-day business, managing an existing, core business. In others, they just did not understand the dynamics of a new supply channel, or could not commit internal resources to professional marketing programs.

NewWorldTrade provides Strategic Growth Services to companies in search of new income streams.


Immco Diagnostics

Immco Diagnostics develops and distributes autoimmune disease diagnostics and reagents to labs worldwide. Immco offers laboratory testing of autoimmune diseases for the US healthcare market. Its contract research organization supports clinical research trials for pharmaceutical and biotech clients.
Immco assay development led to the first immunofluorescence assay for diagnosing celiac disease and the first Western blot assay for autoimmune hearing loss. The new line of Immco enhanced ELISA assays provides standardized calibration systems, an industry first. Immco is continually expanding its product offering.

Immco’s principal mission is to provide the total solution in autoimmunity™.


Consulate General of Canada in New York

The primary responsibilities of Consulate General of Canada in New York are New York City and State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Along with the Canadian Embassy in Washington and other consulates in major U.S. centres, this organization handles Canada’s political, economic, cultural and immigration interests for main lines of business.
Common interests, shared values and the world’s longest non-militarized borders characterize life in North America. Familiarity and friendliness are the bywords of relationship, but there are important and interesting differences between Canada and the United States.



Meszaros International Center of Entrepreneurship (M.I.C.E.) was founded in 2007 and operates in partnership with the University at Buffalo School of Management to provide instruction in ethical entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people of diverse backgrounds.
M.I.C.E. believes that young people have the greatest potential and opportunity to develop positive attitudes and business behaviors. Entrepreneurial skills can be easily translated to daily life. The training helps students develop effective work habits, personal management talents, and critical thinking skills: all the abilities that help an individual become a valuable asset to their community. M.I.C.E. also believes that encouraging small business is essential to a successful economy, and that instilling integrity is a key component in educating youth to become our future leaders.

M.I.C.E.’s objectives are to provide talented students who have the aptitude and desire to be leaders with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, realize personal and economic growth, develop high ethical standards, act in socially responsible ways, gain exposure to leadership roles, and act as agents of change.


Zany Nomad

Zany Nomad is a unique travel agency that offers out-of-the-ordinary experiences in Latin America to families and independent travelers seeking high-end experiential travel that is very hard to organize or even discover. Zany Nomad offers a plethora of activities that make a trip unforgettable including:
*Overnight camping in a Mayan Ruin
*Learning how to scuba dive with wild dolphins
*Whale watching from the Ultralight Aircraft
*Camping on Antarctica
*Climbing the Andes and visiting Native Incan communities
*Exploring an archeological dig that involves caving into underground rivers to visit old Mayan sacrificial grounds

And much more!


Explora Connection

Explora Connection is a luxury travel agency that was designed to service the Western New York market by providing unique and custom designed itineraries in Latin America and the Caribbean for family and individual travel. Explora Connection integrates the philosophy of Travel Therapy to Sustainable Luxury Travel.

Assisted Living Consultants

Assisted Living Consultants is a consulting company that specializes in the operational and physical needs of adult living residential communities. Assisted Living Consultants serves companies needing consulting and management assistance or development in the Residential Senior Communities. The company’s expertise is in Assisted and Independent Living industries, both national and international.

Law Offices of Jon P. Yormick Co. LPA

Law Offices of Jon P. Yormick Co. LPA is a business law firm recognized for representing and advising U.S., Canadian, European, and Asian businesses on matters of international business transactions, international trade, and international disputes resolution.
The firm has offices in Buffalo, New York on the Canadian border less than 2 hours from Toronto, and in Cleveland, Ohio, where many global companies were born and continue to be based.

The firm represents and advises small and middle market companies, as well as publicly- traded companies, market leaders, and start-up companies. The firm regularly negotiates and prepares a wide range of cross-border agreements, advises and represents clients on international trade and related regulatory compliance, licensing, investigations, and penalty matters. The firm’s corporate practice focuses on business formations for foreign companies, supporting business immigration petitions, preparing agreements, and providing ongoing counsel to those clients. The firm also handles regulatory matters and prepares a range of agreements for transportation/logistics companies. The firm also addresses the developing area of Space Law, particularly issues relating to commercial space travel and tourism.



TrainSMART creates and coaches customized fitness programs that empower you to perform better in life and your career.  One on one personal training and semi private group sessions are available.
TrainSMART was founded on the belief that training SMARTER produces greater results than training HARDER.  You need to train the MIND before you can train the BODY.  Initial gains in strength and performance come from the central nervous system and NOT the muscular system.

Clients seek the Buffalo Personal Trainer TRX Trainer for the following reasons:

  • Lose Weight & Fat
  • Low Back Pain
  • Core Health
  • Add Lean Mass (Muscle) & Increase Strength
  • Improve Performance

Among other things, TrainSMART ultimatley helps clients to:

  • Increase Confidence
  • Feel Great
  • Boost their Immune System
  • Decrease & eliminate LOW BACK PAIN
  • Have More Energy
  • Get Stronger Physically & Mentally
  • Perform Better in life, the office, & in the competitive playing they compete in every single day


Imagine Staffing

Imagine Staffing is a full-service third-party recruiting firm with added services to assist clients with staffing augmentation. Imagine Staffing is a privately-held, 100% woman-owned business, and a leader in the staffing industry. The company’s methodology of being your premier recruitment partner far exceeds industry standards.
Imagine’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

* Technical

* Administrative

* InformationProfessional/Operations

*ProfessionalInformation Technology

* Biotech

* Legal

* Industrial

* Medical


GO Bike Buffalo

GO Bike Buffalo strives to create healthy, environmentally sustainable, community friendly transportation options in the City of Buffalo. Through an array of advocacy efforts and various community programs, GO Bike Buffalo is working to make Buffalo a bicycle friendly city.
GO Bike Buffalo programs include:

* Community Workshop – a place where volunteers and members can go and learn to repair and maintain their bicycles.

* Recycle-A-Bicycle –  in Buffalo public schools 18, 27 and 77 and others, students have learned about bicycle repair and maintenance, as well as safety, health and the environment, while building their own bicycles from refurbished parts.

* Bicycle Benefits Program – a program designed to reward individuals and businesses for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health, and the use of pedaling energy in order to create a more sustainable community.

* Safe Routes to School – a program supported by parents, schools, community leaders and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school.

And much more.



Fine Print Finders, LLC

Fine Print Finders is a new service that exposes small and/or misleading content in contracts. Customers often don’t recognize or understand the fine print expenses, additional fees and costs in contracts.
Fine Print Finders is structured to give general information regarding terms and conditions that result in fees getting waived or lowered.

New Services include:

* Business plan drafting/consultation

* Money management training (high school/college students)


* Contract interpretation,

* Business plan writing

* New Business Fundraising


EB-5 New York State, LLC

EB-5 New York State, LLC is designated as a “Regional Center” by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  As a Regional Center, EB-5 New York State fulfills two roles under the US EB-5 Regional Center program.
As a Regional Center, EB-5 New York State helps Foreign Investors make the investments which are required pursuant to the US EB-5 Regional Center program. Foreign Investors who make a required investment in conjunction with EB-5 New York State, may qualify for US permanent residency pursuant to the US EB-5 Regional Center program.  In addition to the Foreign Investor qualifying for a visa, his or her spouse and children under 21 may also qualify for a permanent residency visa (green card) to the United States.

EB-5 New York State is, at the same time, utilizing the EB-5 Regional Center program to create new jobs and economic development in New York State.  The EB-5 Regional Center program requires that the Foreign Investor capital be invested into job creating activities.  As a designated Regional Center under the EB-5 Regional Center Program, EB-5 New York State directs the investment of the Foreign Investor capital into commercial enterprises in New York which are specifically intended to create jobs and economic development, and to meet the other requirements of the US EB-5 Regional Center program.



D'Youville Center for Professional Studies

D’Youville College’s Center for Professional Studies offers continuing education programs for adult learners in all stages of their careers. Working professionals require ongoing education in order to advance in their field, enhance their knowledge and skills, or meet standards mandated by state licensing authorities. D’Youville College’s new Center for Professional Studies offers high-quality professional training programs in a variety of disciplines, taught by expert practitioners. Evening and weekend courses taught at convenient locations in Buffalo and Western New York.
Programs include:

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certified courses

Noncredit professional training courses

Customized group training for organizations

D’Youville Advantages

Take classes in our state-of-the-art classrooms, equipped with the latest technology.

Benefit from D’Youville’s reputation for high-quality, student-centered education and strong connections with key industries.

Stay marketable in today’s competitive economy with the most up-to-date program content available anywhere.

Earn official Continuing Education Units (CEU) for coursework where wp-contentlicable.


Del Vecchio & Stadler

IC Close Up Front_2Del Vecchio & Stadler is a full service Intellectual Property boutique law firm. Del Vecchio & Stadler’s goal is to give you peace of mind, freeing you to do what you do best, be creative!
The firm provides a full range of patent services, including preparing utility and design patent wp-contentlications along with providing legal advice on patent infringement and patentability issues. Del Vecchio & Stadler also provides trademark searches, availability of trademark opinions, filing of trademark wp-contentlications and trademark prosecution. We also provide advice on trade dress issues. Finally, we are capable of filing international trademark wp-contentlications.

Other services include:

*Legal advice with respect to all copyright issues, including filing copyright wp-contentlications with the Copyright Office

*A full range of licensing agreement services including negotiating license for patent rights and trademark rights

*Legal guidance on FDA compliance and EPA regulations

Please contact us for more information.


BWI National Health Promotional Training Institute

BWI National Health Promotional Training Institute has been a national leader in providing comprehensive wellness management services, health education training programs, and wellness-team building events for corporations, schools and communities since 1994. With rising healthcare costs, now more than ever before, BWI recognizes the universal attention placed on a healthy workforce and personal health advocacy. BWI’s outcome-based health promotion services are aligned with national standards and performance metrics that are documented to create behavior change. BWI is committed to improving our nation’s health…one community at a time, one company at a time and one person at a time.
Wellness Institute initiatives include strategic planning services, as well as health promotion industry incubation and job creation activities.