Del Vecchio & Stadler

The PCA Group

IC Close Up Front_2Del Vecchio & Stadler is a full service Intellectual Property boutique law firm. Del Vecchio & Stadler’s goal is to give you peace of mind, freeing you to do what you do best, be creative!
The firm provides a full range of patent services, including preparing utility and design patent wp-contentlications along with providing legal advice on patent infringement and patentability issues. Del Vecchio & Stadler also provides trademark searches, availability of trademark opinions, filing of trademark wp-contentlications and trademark prosecution. We also provide advice on trade dress issues. Finally, we are capable of filing international trademark wp-contentlications.

Other services include:

*Legal advice with respect to all copyright issues, including filing copyright wp-contentlications with the Copyright Office

*A full range of licensing agreement services including negotiating license for patent rights and trademark rights

*Legal guidance on FDA compliance and EPA regulations

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