The Inventures Group

The PCA Group

The InVentures Group consists of entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives with a tremendous breadth of experience. They all bring their talents to corporate organizations from the start-up stage to mature businesses to help them achieve success. The InVentures team can provide both long and short-term assistance, interim management, mentoring, and consulting across a wide range of industries and markets. Most importantly, they collaborate with organizations of all sizes, in any stage of development, to create self-sustaining and profitable businesses while maintaining each company’s unique culture and personality.
The InVentures Group places emphasis on assisting in the complex and highly challenging task of bringing new product ideas and technologies to market by providing a broad array of services and capabilities tailored for maximum benefit at affordable economics.


* Management – The InVentures Group offers a flexible, cost-effective solution by bringing a wide range of strategic, financial, technical, sales, operational, and other business management skills on an as-needed basis to the entrepreneurial company, without disrupting the culture or personality of the organization.

* Technology – The Inventures Group includes scientific and technical experts in a wide range of disciplines including advanced materials, energy, cleantech, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and many others. In addition, InVentures maintains strong ties to research organizations, universities, thought-leaders and innovators around the globe to provide assistance, assessments, and advice to the technology-based organization, creating opportunities through licensing, strategic partnering, technology development and acquisition.

* Finance – The InVentures Group provides advice and assistance on selecting the right sources of financing, structuring and negotiating equity and debt financings, and exploring a range of alternative wp-contentroaches to generating capital and cash flow.

* Health & Safety – The InVentures Group can provide programs designed for the small technology company, undertake gap assessments, and provide training and certification to maximize the return on the investment made in this area.

* Online Strategy & Design – The InVentures Group offers a complete suite of services including graphic design, website development, public relations, social media assistance, nd proprietary search and research software tools to create the maximum value for its clients.

* Marketing & Sales – Services including brand and logotype development, press release development, public relations, marketing strategies, technical article writing, and international sales channel development are all provided by The InVentures Group.