The PCA Group

Meszaros International Center of Entrepreneurship (M.I.C.E.) was founded in 2007 and operates in partnership with the University at Buffalo School of Management to provide instruction in ethical entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people of diverse backgrounds.
M.I.C.E. believes that young people have the greatest potential and opportunity to develop positive attitudes and business behaviors. Entrepreneurial skills can be easily translated to daily life. The training helps students develop effective work habits, personal management talents, and critical thinking skills: all the abilities that help an individual become a valuable asset to their community. M.I.C.E. also believes that encouraging small business is essential to a successful economy, and that instilling integrity is a key component in educating youth to become our future leaders.

M.I.C.E.’s objectives are to provide talented students who have the aptitude and desire to be leaders with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, realize personal and economic growth, develop high ethical standards, act in socially responsible ways, gain exposure to leadership roles, and act as agents of change.

Website: www.mice-us-foundation.com