Neighborhood Input Sought for Fruit Belt Parking Study Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Facilitates Survey for Residents to Further Develop Parking Strategies

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Neighborhood Input Sought for Fruit Belt Parking Study

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Facilitates Survey for Residents to Further

Develop Parking Strategies


Buffalo, N.Y., August 21, 2015 – Input is being sought from Fruit Belt residents as part of an overall Parking Study designed to research and analyze current parking conditions and to develop potential strategies and recommendations for better management of on-street parking issues in the Fruit Belt neighborhood adjacent to the Medical Campus.

The New York State funded Parking Study is part of a broader study of transportation and parking issues on the Medical Campus and its adjacent neighborhoods of Allentown, Downtown and the Fruit Belt.

Implementation of the Parking Study began this past spring and is intended to address the issues of Medical Campus employee parking in the Fruit Belt Neighborhood, particularly as the Campus grows over the next two years with the addition of the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Fruit Belt Residents are encouraged to provide input by taking a survey:

  • On-line at
  • In person at the Moot Community Center at 292 High Street on Thursday, August 27th from 5-7pm.
  • In their homes through surveys conducted by a team of BNMC representatives and residents serving on the Parking Study steering committee who will go door-to-door in the Fruit Belt neighborhood during the week of August 24th.
  • By picking up a printed copy of the survey at local Block Club meetings, the Moot Senior Center or by contacting the BNMC at 218-7806.

The BNMC is facilitating the Parking Study for the community to develop parking management strategies to effectively manage the on-street parking supply and demand, and ultimately to improve the access, mobility and quality of life for Fruit Belt residents.  The BNMC has been actively involved in developing and implementing transportation and parking strategies for the Medical Campus and its adjacent neighborhoods since 2010, frequently gaining insight from residents at its quarterly Four Neighborhoods, One Community meetings. A steering committee made up of residents, local officials, community organizations and the BNMC has been working together on issues pertaining to parking, and the Parking Study in particular, since early 2015.

The resident survey is one part of the overall Parking Study that will also include a review of current policies and legislation related to parking and transportation issues and field investigations of parking patterns in the neighborhood. The BNMC will also consider best practices in other cities with similar issues to assist in developing recommendations and strategies for the Fruit Belt neighborhood regarding parking.

For more information about the Parking Study and to access the resident survey, go to at


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