BNMC Access

BNMC Access
BNMC Access is a division of BNMC, Inc. which oversees the planning, implementation and day-to-day operations of parking and transportation systems on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. BNMC Access operates under the following guiding principles:

  • Provide ample and convenient parking for patients and visitors with a focus on exceptional customer service.
  • Develop a wide range of efficient transportation and parking options so that BNMC commuters have choices on how they get to work.
  • Encourage the use of alternative transportation modes (transit, carpool, bicycle, walking, etc…) so as to reduce traffic congestion and associated pollution, and utilize scarce land in more economically productive ways.
  • Support compact, transit-oriented, and walkable urban environments.
  • Improve quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods and mitigate any negative impacts.
  • Strengthen partnerships and develop collaborative solutions to regional transportation issues.

BNMC Access History

Planning and implementation around improving transportation and parking systems has been occurring on the BNMC since its inception in 2002. Below is a summary of some of the more recent initiatives and highlights from over the past five years.


  • BNMC and partners work with Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates and Walker Parking Consultants to develop the BNMC Comprehensive Transportation Study.
  • The BNMC Parking and Transportation Project Management Group (PMG) is formed by representatives from BNMC member institutions to implement recommendations from the Study and to coordinate parking, traffic, transit, bike/ped and transportation infrastructure improvements on the Campus.


  • BNMC and partners at GObike Buffalo and Buffalo CarShare are awarded $206,180 in funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to initiate the GO Buffalo Community Transportation Program: a comprehensive public outreach campaign that worked to increase the mobility of the Allentown, Fruit Belt and BNMC communities alike through greater access to alternative modes and knowledge of job opportunities.


  • BNMC completes the construction of the Michigan Goodrich Garage (2,036 spaces over 9 levels) to meet new parking demands and to help accommodate future campus growth.
  • BNMC expands the PMG to include regional transportation and parking planners, policymakers, and service providers to create the BNMC Transportation Management Association (TMA). The TMA is comprised of representatives from member institutions and the NFTA, GBNRTC, NYSDOT, NYSERDA, GObike Buffalo, City of Buffalo, and others.
  • The BNMC TMA is awarded $121,000 from NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to advance Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies in order to increase the number of employees choosing to commute via alternative modes. The TMA’s TDM initiatives are branded as GO BNMC, which includes a comprehensive website where employees can seek out transportation information and sign up for various alternative transportation incentive programs (www.gobnmc-old.local)
  • BNMC is awarded $36,256 from the FTA for implementation of Guaranteed Ride Home, a program to provide employees of the BNMC who do not drive alone to work with a timely and inexpensive means of transportation in the event of a personal or family emergency.
  • BNMC and partners work with Greenman-Pederson, Inc and the SUNY Construction Fund to conduct the UB School of Medicine Parking Study, which includes a campus-wide parking analysis for year 2017 (including EIS for new Oishei Children’s Hospital).


  • After the first year of implementing TDM strategies, GO BNMC successfully reduces the number of people driving alone to the Campus from 88% to 83%.
  • BNMC is awarded $249,852 for the operation of an Integrated Mobility Hub – a bicycle parking complex and resource center where visitors can seek out personalized information about their transportation and parking options and information about potential job opportunities on the BNMC (slated to open early 2016). The Mobility Hub will also become the new headquarters for GObike Buffalo and Buffalo BikeShare.
  • BNMC is awarded $162,600 from NYSERDA & NYSDOT for Advancing Smart Card Technologies for Integrated Multi-Modal Transportation, a project to coordinate the planning, development and testing of contactless smart card technologies for the integration of existing transportation and parking services on the BNMC. The program will serve as a step towards the creation of a more efficient, user-friendly and sustainable multi-modal transportation network.


  • BNMC is awarded $84,051 from NYSERDA & NYSDOT to conduct a Policy Research and Feasibility Study of on-street parking in the Fruit Belt Neighborhood, exploring best practices and providing recommendations for the development of a model Residential Parking Benefits District, and/or other alternative strategies.
  • BNMC and National Grid are awarded $1 million from NYSERDA towards the construction of the BNMC Green Commons with $400,000 of which dedicated to the above-referenced Integrated Mobility Hub.
  • BNMC creates the Campus Ambassadors program to improve customer service and promote a safe, friendly and accessible Campus environment.


  • BNMC partners with GBNRTC to develop a regional TMA dubbed GO Buffalo-Niagara.
  • BNMC launches the Neighborhood Parking Study with support from Steering Committee members composed of residents, organizations, and officials.
  • BNMC partners with NFTA to conduct a comprehensive study that will identify collaborative opportunities that can increase transit ridership.


2015-2017 Parking and Transportation Stats

Today the BNMC continues to work towards expanding our on-campus parking supply as well as developing satellite parking and transportation options for the campus population. Below is a quick snapshot of the current condition. We also have plans to add additional parking to accommodate the influx of employees as our current construction projects are completed over the next few years.

Current Conditions

  • The BNMC parking system is operating at wp-contentroximately 70% capacity.
  • Parking costs to employees range up to $89; this rate is at or below market rates downtown. Reduced rate parking options are also made available for part-timers.
  • Estimated current commuter mode share on the Campus is:
    • 83% drive alone
    • 8% carpool
    • 2% Metro Bus
    • 2% Metro Rail
    • 2% Metro Bus and Rail (transfer)
    • 2% Walk
    • 1% Bike
  • Over 18% of BNMC projected 2017 population live within one mile and 8.5% within ½ mile of NFTA Metro Rail Stations (including Allen/Medical Campus Station).