New ER will be ‘clean slate’ for Children’s Hospital trauma team

New ER will be ‘clean slate’ for Children’s Hospital trauma team

By The Buffalo News

Dr. Kathryn D. Bass is a master at staying calm and juggling the big stuff.

As medical director of trauma for Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, her focus is on the mission ahead – moving the Emergency Department and other related services to the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in November.

On a simplistic level, it’s akin to moving to a larger home. And that’s a good thing for Bass, who oversees coordination of surgery, the helipad and Emergency Department.

The current space for pediatric emergency services will double at the new facility on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. On the rooftop of the new Oishei facility is a new helipad, ready and waiting to be used.

“We’ve really outgrown our space,” Bass said.

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Bass spoke recently with The Buffalo News for an ongoing series of interviews with key Children’s Hospital staff ahead of the November move from the Bryant Street hospital to the new site on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Q: How will the new trauma and emergency service area be different from the existing hospital?

A: We had an opportunity with the new hospital to design the space to meet our needs, where in our current facility we’re more or less fitting into what we have. We’ve really outgrown the space that we have. So the new space is an opportunity to have a clean slate, and to take the process of caring for a seriously injured child and to create a pathway and a flow of care in a physical space that makes more sense.

Q: How does the size compare?

A: We have larger resuscitation rooms and our rooms are all oriented around a central space, a core space and are closer to the ambulance drop-off location. We’re not too far away now, but we have patients that come from the helipad that have to descend through the hospital and around corners and such and the ambulance bay and throughout to our current rooms are not too bad. We’re more or less replicating that and getting a little more efficiency around helipad transfer.

Q: You’ll have two helipads in close proximity – one at Buffalo General and now the Children’s Hospital one. How is that coordination going to work?

A: (Buffalo General) and (Gates Vascular Institute) service the stroke center, and have their own set of patients they are taking care of. As a trauma center, we are also servicing urgent care for the pediatric patients. So it just essentially keeps the flow of patients uncongested and streamlined into specific urgent care.

Q: How will your ER operations be improved?

A: We are definitely going to gain more space in the new ER. In the trauma resuscitation rooms, we are a little bit bigger and we’re cohorted together near the CT scanner. So we’re going to get some radiology resources, and that’s new. Right now, we have to get on an elevator and go up one floor. And in the new facility, we’ll have the CT scanner in the ED department, so we’ll have a dedicated scanner which we will use frequently for trauma patients. The ED is definitely going to be bigger and better organized. We’re coming from smaller operating rooms that were designed years ago before we had all the technology that we’ve come to rely on in the operating suite. We’ve outgrown our current space. Getting into the new hospital is going to give us a much more comfortable operating room than we have right now.

Q: How will this transition go to the new hospital?

A: We’re doing a staged move so that we have resources here, and we have resources there, already in place. We’ll basically have staff available here, as we’re moving. We’re not going to open and be fully servicing that (new) emergency department until we have all of our patients and all of our staff moved over there. Once we get everything operational and up and running there, then we’ll close down here. I think moving and delivering care, and ramping up to have that available, that’s something we’ve been planning for the last two years.

Q: Say you have a trauma patient who needs surgery at 2 in the afternoon the day of the move, when does that patient get moved over?

A: We’ll do all that patient’s surgery and that patient’s recovery here, and as soon we have the staffing and the bed available there, we’ll make the transition by ambulance.

Q: What’s the most challenging part going to be?

A: Getting all the processes to work in the new space. It’s going to be beautiful and everyone is very excited, but we’re in a new space. We’ve mocked all of that and done a dry run. We have a sense of practicing that, and then it will be just living through it for the first week or so. Like anything, you are moving into a new house and unpacking and making sure that you know where everything is.

Q:What will it be like being part of a booming medical campus?

A: It’s incredibly exciting. It’s an opportunity to really reap the benefit of everything that we are as a university and health care system because we have the combination of University at Buffalo medical school and the clinical operations of Kaleida for children and adults, and the vascular GVI and the translational research center. So it’s very exciting. It’s really bringing us to a new plateau. It’s a quantum leap from where we are right now. And it brings us on par with some of the major players in the industry.

Public Art Added to the BNMC, Large-Scale Murals Painted by Local Artists

72810_10151816998138351_342472618_nThe BNMC has installed two two large-scale murals on the MiGo, a parking garage on the corner of Michigan & Goodrich. The  murals (50’ x 20’) were painted by local artists.
A collaboration of artists – William Y. Cooper, James J. Cooper, III (no relation), and Jennifer Fuentes – painted the mural titled “Nexus” on the Goodrich side of the garage. The title is a metaphor for the Buffalo Niagara region’s role in promoting cutting-edge science and medicine, globally.

The art on the High Street side of the garage is titled “Beautiful Health Fphacze,” painted by James J. Cooper, III.

We hope you will stop by and enjoy these wonderful pieces of public art in our community.
Click here to learn about the inspiration for the murals!

View more photos!

Architecture Firms Design State of the Art Buildings for BNMC Member Institutions

After much anticipation about where the new University at Buffalo‘s (UB) School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences would be and the firm that would design it, it is evident that the new buildings being built on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) are setting the standard for creative submissions by many globally competitive design firms to design innovative facilities within the Buffalo-Niagara region.
UB’s announcement to have HOK design its $375 million medical school came after holding a second-round architectural ideas competition to decide which firm could present the best creative design for the project. Although the actual design has yet to be revealed, what can be said is that the plan will  go down in the books as one of Buffalo’s most sustainable structures to be built. The HOK planning goal is to aim for a LEED Gold certification for the facility.

The medical school will be located on the corner of Main and High Streets and will either incorporate the NFTA Metro Rail Station into the design or be built alongside it. The groundbreaking is set to take place in the fall of 2013 with the goal of completing construction by 2016. The facility will bring 1,200 students, faculty and staff to the BNMC.

HOK model that won the architectural competition to design the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

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The Transformation of the New BNMC Employee Multi-Modal Transportation Structure on High Street

The new BNMC Multi-Module Transportation Structure located at 134 High Street contains more than two thousand parking spaces. The first five levels are currently open and it has more and more cars stationed in it every day. When fully open next month at nine levels, employees are sure to find a safe place to park their vehicle away from the extreme elements of the scorching sun and heavy snow. The structure was built as a partnership between the University at Buffalo, Kaleida Health, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the BNMC to meet demand created by the new developments on the campus.
Managed by BNMC Parking, LLC, the facility offers the safety of pass-only access. There are different ways to pay for employees. To fill out the wp-contentlication and learn about the different options, download the wp-contentlication.

Features include:

  • An enclosed waiting area on the first level coming out of the High Street entrance. The enclosed space is near the  shuttle stop which takes passengers anywhere on the Medical Campus.
  • LED lighting for clear illumination of pathways throughout the entire structure.
  • A windshield cleaning station on the first level.
  • 10 Electric Vehicle charging stations on the first level.
  • Soon-to-be-installed bike racks on the first level.
  • Emergency blue-light call stations on each floor.
  • Security cameras on each level.
  • Soon-to-be-installed solar trees on the top 9th level.

Take a look at the construction transformation that took place over the past several months.




Laying the foundation.


It’s up, standing strong and tall.

  Now it’s time for the accessories.



DoubleTree Club by Hilton Makes Renovations, Enhancing the Guest Experience

The DoubleTree Club by Hilton looks to enhance the overall guest experience by renovating space within the hotel.
Guestrooms and corridors have been renovated, and they are in the process of installing WiFi in all of the 100 guestrooms. The rooms include plush beds with comfortable decor to meet the needs of those who wish to spend their time in a comfortable and flexible setting.

Promoting healthy lifestyles, DoubleTree is now a 100% smoke-free hotel. Connected to both Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Buffalo General Medical Center via an indoor walkway, patient family members, visitors in the area on business and from the community can enjoy easy access to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Member Institutions and amenities in downtown Buffalo.

With event space that hosts many of the Beakers ‘n Beer social events, DoubleTree is one of the many amenities on the Medical Campus that offers comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the City of Buffalo. For more information about reservations, accommodations, dining, and other services offered by DoubleTree, click here.