BNMC’s podcast series, Talking Cities, hosted by our President & CEO Matt Enstice, investigates cutting-edge innovations for cities in America and beyond, featuring people our team has connected with who are creating vibrant, healthier, and more sustainable communities. In each episode, we will talk to someone who shares our mission of furthering economic growth, igniting urban revitalization, and building strong, thriving communities, and is doing so either locally, globally, or systemically.

All episodes are available for download on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Know Your Impact

Know Your Impact / Episode 28 / Released May 2, 2017 Matt talks with Vincent Stanley, director of philosophy forRead Article

Refugees: An Economic Force

Eva Hassett, Executive Director of the International Institute of Buffalo, talks about her love for Rust Belt cities and howRead Article

Reconnecting the Community

Reconnecting the Community / episode 26 / Released April Justin Booth, Executive Director of GObike Buffalo talks about the role infrastructureRead Article

Ask the Bigger Question

Ask the Bigger Question / Episode 24 / Released April 4, 2017 Matt talks with Roseanne Haggerty, President of CommunityRead Article

Active Living by Design

Active Living by Design/Episode 23/ Released March 28, 2017 Matt and Joanne Lee, Collaborative Learning Director for Active Living byRead Article

Disruptors or Partners?

Disruptors or Partners?/Episode 22/ Released March 21, 2017   Matt talks with designer & futurist Chris Cowart about the impactRead Article