Taking Transit FAQ

Taking Transit FAQ

New to transit and not quite sure how to navigate the train or bus system? Let us help you with some answers to your questions!

How reliable are the trains & buses?

Very!  During the morning and evening commute time, trains run wp-contentroximately every ten minutes. Bus times can vary so check metro.nfta.com for specific schedules. The NFTA has a number of commuting tools at http://metro.nfta.com/Routes/AppCenter.aspx to help you plan your ride!

Which station is closest to my house?

That depends on where you live! Visit www.gobnmc-old.local or call Thea at 716-218-7805 for help determining your quickest and easiest mode.

How crowded is the train? Will I be able to sit down?

Crowd density varies based on the time of day and when there is a major event downtown, however getting a seat on most rides is not a problem.

Is it safe?

Yes – NFTA Metro public safety patrol the trains and stations regularly.

Will I find a parking space easily at the Park & Ride?

Yes. There are two dedicated Park & Ride lots for transit at University and the LaSalle Station. Parking is easy and convenient. There are also a number of Park & Ride lots that serve bus routes and that can be found at metro.nfta.com. Up to two bikes are allowed on individual train cars and select buses if you want to avoid driving to a station. Passengers with bikes are asked to move to the front or back of the train and stay with the bike throughout the trip.  Bike racks are available for bus riders on select buses.

What about payment? Where do I put my ticket/pass?

If you’re commuting to work, take advantage of the NFTA’s new corporate pass program, which reduces the cost by at least $20. More information on that can be found here.

Individual transit tickets can be purchased at ticketing vending machines in all Metro stations and a standard ticket is $2 per ride. Cash or credit cards can be used at the vending machines and paper money, coins and fare cards can be used on buses. Exact fare is necessary for bus trips and payment is required upon boarding. Passes and individual tickets can also be purchased online at metro.nfta.com. You may or may not be asked for your ticket once on the train, but be advised that any passengers who do not have a ticket can be fined up to $30. More details on riding metro trains and buses available at metro.nfta.com.