Connecting Communities for the Common Good

Connecting Communities for the Common Good / Episode 16 / Released February 7, 2017

Matt talks with Anne Wadsworth, social innovator and co-founder of Girls Education Collaborative. GEC is piloting a community-led initiative in Kitenga, Tanzania, that supports the transformative power of education to enable young women to become catalysts for change in their communities. They touch on the importance in civic engagement in this international effort and using technology to build a school halfway around the world.

BNMC’s podcast series, Talking Cities, hosted by our President & CEO Matt Enstice, investigates cutting-edge innovations for cities in America and beyond, featuring people our team has connected with who are creating vibrant, healthier, and more sustainable communities. In each episode, we will talk to someone who shares our mission of furthering economic growth, igniting urban revitalization, and building strong, thriving communities, and is doing so either locally, globally, or systemically.

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