Go Buffalo Niagara Offering Special Commuter Perks


Go Buffalo Niagara Offering Special Commuter Perks

Your commute is important to you, and it’s important to us! To celebrate Earth Month, our partner, Go Buffalo Niagara, is offering special perks when you use their commute tools or share them with a friend during the month of April.

Earn rewards cards to the store of your choice 

Get $10 when you track at least 10 trips in April 2019 using the 511NY Rideshare trip tracker. You can track your trips on the mobile app, or in your web browser when you log in to the GOBNMC Rideshare portal!

Get $10 when you refer a friend to the BNMC’s rideshare portal and they sign up! If they’re not on the BNMC, they can use the regional Go Buffalo Niagara rideshare portal. Just send the name of the friend you referred to info@gobuffaloniagara.org.

Want some customized help with your commute?

Find a rideshare, bike buddy, or transit route with personalized assistance from our team of experts. Send us an email at info@gobuffaloniagara.org or give us a call at 716-218-7806.