Change Up Your Commute this Spring!

Collaboration Among Our Transportation Partners

Change Up Your Commute this Spring!

It might not feel like spring quite yet, but pretty soon the weather will turn and it’ll be time to dust off your bicycle and break out your walking shoes. As an employee on the BNMC, there are plenty of ways to commute to work that are not only healthy, but have less impact on the environment, and can save you money!

With a focus on creating a healthy community, our GoBNMC program encourages the use of fewer single-driver cars on and to Campus. Sign up for any of our transportation programs at to discover options and savings!

Commuting Options & GoBNMC Perks:

  • Public Transit: The newly renovated Allen Street Subway station is located right on Campus inside the new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The NFTA has also extended bus routes from the Southtowns to the Medical Campus with pick-up and drop-off locations at Carlton and Ellicott streets. Ask your employer about the BNMC corporate subsidy of at least $20 for monthly metro passes and pre-tax savings for transit to make it even more economical.
  • Carpool: If driving with one or more colleagues, you can take advantage of preferred parking spaces and a carpooling pass that allows you to split the cost of parking with up to four people (only one car can park at any given time).  Pre-tax payroll deductions may make this even cheaper.
  • Bike: We have plenty of bike racks on Campus and bike storage with 24/7 member-only access at the corner of Ellicott and Virginia. Need to get to a meeting or make a quick trip for lunch or errands? Grab one of the many Reddy Bikes on Campus at your convenience! Annual memberships are free for Medical Campus employees with the promo code GOBNMC2017 at
  • Need a ride after getting to campus without a car? Take advantage of the Zipcar Carshare program to use a vehicle for a flat rate (includes gas & insurance). Free membership and discounted rates are available for Medical Campus employees. We also offer Guaranteed Ride Home if something unexpected comes up and you need to be there quickly!
  • Walk: Enjoy the scenery and the health benefits by getting to Campus on two feet!