BNMC & UB to Host Blockchain Buildathon

BNMC & UB to Host Blockchain Buildathon

Building on the success of the Topcoder Open 2017 that we hosted in the fall, the BNMC has partnered with Dr. Bina Ramamurthy and UB’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering to hold the Blockchain Buildathon. This three-day event engages more than 200 students and members of the business community for a weekend of hacking to solve local and global business challenges in 48 hours.
We have been thrilled by the enthusiasm and support from the local business community who will be providing these students with real-world experience, networking and business contacts, and – hopefully – high-tech job opportunities right here in Buffalo after graduation.
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The future of technology, talent and innovation in Buffalo. Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology provides solutions to corporations in security, optimizations in processes, and transparency.  This technology will help organizations to better prepare for disruptions in their business. Companies will need to adapt to this evolving technology, as all aspects of your organization will be disrupted.  Internal business systems, relationships with partners/vendors/customers and staff will need to become focused in this space.

As this technology matures, changes will come frequently until industries standardize on the blockchain platform.  This will allow for free exchange of peer to peer transactions. The disruption will require retooling of staff, existing technologies and mindsets, which is why our Blockchain event is so important to Buffalo and the community.

We must be prepare organizations to move into the next phase of innovation.  This will mean preparing the next generations of professionals to be ready for the Blockchain wave.