Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations FAQs

The energizeBNMC partnership between National Grid and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) is designed to transform the Medical Campus into a global leader in energy innovation. As a part of energizeBNMC, BNMC has partnered with AAA of Western and Central New York, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Clean Communities of Western New York, the Global Energy Institute, and the US Department of Energy (DOE) to initiate the effort to become a leader in New York State electric transportation.
There are currently 21 EV stations installed throughout the BNMC. The goal of this project is to lower vehicle emissions into the environment and the overall operating costs that come with petroleum-based vehicles, offering alternative transportation fuels like electricity and natural gas.

Below are some facts that will answer common questions in regards to the EV charging stations:

What prompted the installation of the cutting-edge EV charging stations?

A major focus for the BNMC institutions right now is planning for our short-term and long-term growth, in particular our transportation and energy needs across the campus. As it is rapidly growing, the BNMC is dedicated to creating a sustainable campus for the future.  The EV charging station installations are a part of the vision to create a sustainable Medical Campus that is environment-friendly.

Where did the funding for this project come from?

With a grant of $150,000 awarded by Clean Communities/DOE/NYSERDA, the BNMC and AAA of Western and Central NY were able to complete this $300,000 project to implement the installation of the EV charging stations.

Where can the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (240-volt GE DuraStations) be found throughout the BNMC?

The EV charging stations can be found at the following locations (See Virtual Tour for visual locations):

589 Ellicott Street Parking Lot.

880 Ellicott Street Parking Garage at Ellicott and Goodrich Streets.

134 High Street Parking Garage – This employee-only garage will open at the end of March.

-Ellicott Street right of way, near 589 Ellicott Street Parking Lot – these will be operational when the street goes two-way as part of the ongoing streetscape project.

Do I have to pay to charge my vehicle in one of the garages or parking lots?

If you work on the BNMC and have a parking pass for one of the BNMC-managed lots, you can charge at no cost. If you are a visitor to the Medical Campus, talk to the attendant at either the 589 Ellicott Street lot or the Ellicott Goodrich Garage if this is not your primary parking destination. Currently, the use of the EV charging stations is being provided at no cost to patients, visitors, and members of the community. Parking fees are charged at the daily rate.

Is charging availability on a first-come, first-serve basis?

Yes, this is currently hwp-contentening on a first-come, first-serve basis. As demand grows, we will adapt this strategy.

How long will I be able to leave my vehicle charging in a parking lot or garage on the BNMC?

As long as you are parked there. Parking hours and rates vary across the BNMC.

Are there other EV charging stations in WNY?

AAA of Western and Central New York has installed EV charging stations at 2 of its AAA Car Care Plus locations, one at 8120 Main Street in Clarence (716.932.3900), and the other at 2131 Eggert Road in Amherst (716.362.0562). For more information on how to access their EV charging stations, contact each location.

Will I be able to leave my vehicle charging at one of the EV charging stations located along the right of way on Ellicott Street near the Innovation Center without getting a parking ticket?

No. As stated above, these chargers were installed knowing that Ellicott Street will go two-way at the completion of the federal streetscape project. Until then, these chargers are not to be used. Please pull into the parking lot at 589 Ellicott Street and access those chargers.

Help us build our EV community – Contact us at 716.854.BNMC (2662) or e-mail us and provide your contact information.