Supporting Economic Growth Around Buffalo

Creating a Culture where Employees and Business Thrive

More than 16,000 people work, volunteer, or study every day on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, both at our member institutions and at the many private companies that have found a home here. A diverse workforce including physicians, clinicians, scientists, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and social innovators work and collaborate here, making the Medical Campus a dynamic place. Understanding that people and businesses thrive in collaborative environments, we have worked to create a community that encourages interaction and engagement on the Medical Campus and in our surrounding neighborhoods. Our focus is also on expanding economic opportunity on the Medical Campus and in our community. Together with our institutions, we are working toward improving access to job and business opportunities for all with a focus on those living in adjacent neighborhoods. By working together, we are creating a place of opportunity for local residents, a more inviting place to start and grow a business, and a sought after work environment for those who earn their living here every day.

Career Opportunities on the Medical Campus

Supporting Economic Growth in Our Community

The synergy created by the robust medical, educational, research and entrepreneurial offerings on the Medical Campus make it an attractive location for a variety of businesses. Start ups, companies seeking collaboration, and businesses that provide the needed support services for other growing companies are contributing to a dense, thriving place that is spurring development beyond the Medical Campus borders. The BNMC team works to create economic opportunity for all of our community by nurturing and connecting local small businesses. With a particular emphasis on those led by women, minorities and veterans, we work with our Medical Campus institutions to help to open doors and to provide resources for those seeking employment. Our aim is to further the success of the Medical Campus that will continue to contribute to our region’s revitalization, providing opportunity for all.

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Develop Your Career on the Campus


As a thriving part of Buffalo’s economic growth, the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus institutions is home to 16,000 employees, volunteers, students, and residents. Considered a “city within a city,” we focus on creating a clean, safe, and accessible environment. Employees who work on the Medical CAmpus have access to GOBNMC, our commuter program; our Neighborhood Explorer program to help encourage employees to support local businesses; and a myriad of networking and education events. For companies and organizations looking to relocate their offices or start a business, the Medical Campus offers state-of-the-art offices, cowork, and lab spaces for short and long-term needs. To learn more about leasing an office space at the Medical Campus, contact Sean Heidinger at

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