Zany Nomad

Zany Nomad is a unique travel agency that offers out-of-the-ordinary experiences in Latin America to families and independent travelers seeking high-end experiential travel that is very hard to organize or even discover. Zany Nomad offers a plethora of activities that make a trip unforgettable including:
*Overnight camping in a Mayan Ruin
*Learning how to scuba dive with wild dolphins
*Whale watching from the Ultralight Aircraft
*Camping on Antarctica
*Climbing the Andes and visiting Native Incan communities
*Exploring an archeological dig that involves caving into underground rivers to visit old Mayan sacrificial grounds

And much more!


Explora Connection

Explora Connection is a luxury travel agency that was designed to service the Western New York market by providing unique and custom designed itineraries in Latin America and the Caribbean for family and individual travel. Explora Connection integrates the philosophy of Travel Therapy to Sustainable Luxury Travel.

Toca Travel Services

Toca Travel Services is a unique wholesaler of Luxury Travel experiences for the the Caribbean and Latin America, offering support to travel agencies in secondary markets that are seeking to provide their clients with unique travel experiences in Latin America that are ecological and friendly. Toca has two additional offices in Costa Rica and Germany.
The company has partnered up with the top properties and service providers, offering WOW experiences that are not offered by the comglomerate of suppliers or competetive local agencies. Not only will Toca allow you to stand out from the rest, the company provides travelers with experiences that will make packages memorable and talked about.  Toca’s travel counselors hold a variety of experiences, all trained in the theories of the Therapy of Travel.