New York Times Features Buffalo & BNMC

“New construction, ambitious plans and fresh optimism” is the pull quote that The New York Times reporter Keith Schneider used for emphasis in his article titled “Once Just a Punchline, Buffalo Fights Back” which compliments Buffalo on its economic growth. The article, published on July 30th, showcased some of Buffalo’s recent accomplishments, including those on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The article offered a positive outlook on our city’s progress and its future. Schneider highlights the BNMC’s ability to be innovative, attract business, generate employment opportunities, and create a positive effect on neighboring communities.
“Brendan R. Mehaffy, the executive director of the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning, said the Buffalo Niagara Medical campus was encouraging the construction of new hotels, retail space and luxury residential development. Home prices in the neighborhoods closest to the campus have risen 15 percent in the last two years, according to the city’s latest real estate figures.”

“the Medical Campus now employs 12,000 people, with possibly thousands more once another phase of development is finished about four years from now.”

“The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus embraced a strategy adopted by other postindustrial cities, embarking on projects in clumps rather than in large endeavors.”

The article captured the attention of locals & ex-pats around the globe. Follow up stories on the article were written by local news outlets WBFO, channel 2 and channel 7.

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