Drive Green: The Truth About EV Winter Worries

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric car, you might be nervous about winter driving. Not to worry! Here are some quick truths and tips about driving your electric vehicle (EV) through a New York winter, with tons more info here.

Your range will decrease in the winter. Because batteries operate less efficiently when they’re cold, your EV will get fewer miles per kilowatt-hour in the winter. However, the range for gas powered cars also decreases by as much as 22% in the winter!

 Snow and ice are not usually a problem for EVs. Because the battery often makes up the floorboard of the vehicle, EVs have a low center of gravity and evenly distributed weight, which makes them stable and easy to maneuver, and increases traction on snow or icy terrain.


Precondition your vehicle. Warm up your car while it’s still plugged in so that you don’t deplete your battery’s reserves. Getting into a warm car also means you don’t have to crank the heat as much once it’s unplugged!

 Use the special heating features for your vehicle. If your car offers heated seats and steering wheels, use them! They will use less energy and allow you to comfortably keep the cabin temperature slightly lower.

 Drive efficiently. Use regenerative breaking to capture any energy that might otherwise be lost and avoid speeding as it increases drag, which decreases mileage.

 Park and charge somewhere warm. If you must park outside, try to find a sunny spot to keep your battery warm.

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Alternative Energy Cruise Night

Buffalo Green Projects, LTD brings the Alternative Energy Cruise Night to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for the second time this Thursday, May 16 at the 589 Ellicott Street surface lot. All modes of green transportation are encouraged to participate in this fun event showcasing better ways to get around.
A community organization, Buffalo Green Projects, LTD focuses on green initiatives throughout the WNY region. Join Buffalo Green Projects as they welcome car dealers and individual owners as they put their alternative energy vehicles on display.

Not familiar with different types of green transportation options? Attend this event and learn about the difference between electric and hybrid vehicles, and other green transportation options. Check out the cars like the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and a Mercedes Benz that runs on vegetable oil amongst other cars that run on liquids like diesels and flex fuels. NFTA will bring one of the biggest multi-passenger vehicles that help many save money in the hybrid bus.

Ride your bike and park it at one of the bike racks available or drive your traditional gas car so you get out to enjoy music, food and see some of the coolest cars of the future that will most likely become commonplace.

Don’t miss this exciting, innovative and fun green event!

Cruise Night 2013  New Time