Introducing The IC Success 2024 Spring Cohort

Sherry Sherrill

Owner – Covington Associates Consulting

Covington Associates Consulting, CAC, is the Minority Community Social Issues Advocacy Engagement of its Founder, President, and CEO, Ms. Sherry Sherrill, who has studied Urban and Public Policy, at SUNY University at Buffalo [UB]. A longtime and second-generation Black and African American Community Activist, Ms. Sherrill founded CAC to work more closely attuned to the Needs, of the East Side Buffalo Community’s residents, in Upstate Western New York. CAC specializes in Minority Entrepreneur and Business Enterprise Development, Resident Organizing, Community Empowerment, and Positive Youth Development Initiatives. Founded in Spring of 2022, CAC is also in pursuit of Government Contracting Opportunities. For additional details, please contact +1(716) 800-1394, CovingtonAssocConsulting@Gmail.Com

Visit The Covington Associates Website.

Jillian Lenhard

Founder – The Speech Path SLP, PLLC

Jillian Lenhard, M.S.Ed., CCC/L-SLP, TSSLD, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and the proud owner of The Speech Path SLP, PLLC, a specialized pediatric speech and language practice based in Williamsville, New York, founded in 2021. With a commitment to personalized care, Jillian offers comprehensive speech and language evaluations and therapy, catering to children from 18 months old through elementary school age. Her practice emphasizes family-oriented, neurodiversity affirming, and total communication approaches, focusing on areas such as receptive and expressive language, articulation, phonology, natural language acquisition/gestalt language processing, and incorporating play-based and child-led therapy techniques to foster meaningful communication skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Visit The Speech Path Website.

Ashawnta Radford

Founder – Tasteful Designs

As a passionate luxury event and custom cake designer, Ashawnta specializes in transforming dreams into reality.  She believes design is a way to tell stories, to reflect personalities, and to create experiences.  As a reflection of her passion for personalized details and exquisite taste, she listens carefully to client’s desires.  Utilizing a freestyle approach, she designs unique unforgettable experiences and stunning edible works of art that exceed expectations.

David W Webster Jr

Founder – Buffalo Turtle Zoo LLC

Established in 2019, David’s exotic pet emporium was born out of a deep-seated passion and a glaring gap in our community. Recognizing the absence of any establishments catering to exotic pets, he saw an opportunity to not only fill that void but to exceed expectations. With nowhere else to purchase accessories or seek guidance on animal care, he set out to create a haven for enthusiasts. Fuelled by a love for these extraordinary creatures, he has turned his passion into a lifelong commitment, making his exotic pet shop not just a business, but a labor of love and his forever job.

Visit the Buffalo Turtle Zoo Website.

Shanika Mcknight

Owner – Blended Seasons LLC

The name BLENDED SEASONS was founded in 2017 by Shanika McKnight and longtime friend Larry Greene Jr. 

While they were pitching ideas on names, Blended Seasons not only had a good sound but also summarized what the business represents in just two words.  The name is inspired by a saying that Shanika lives by, “Everyone can cook but not everyone can bring that dish to life with a blend of seasons”.

Jada Ivey

Owner – (1221) XIIXXI Clothing Sustainability

XII XXI was established in 2022 by founder and CEO Jada Ivey. The drive for a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry mad Jada determined to make a change which led to the start of her company. Jada’s focus has been on educating fashion enthusiasts on improving throw away culture , and establishing healthy shopping habits.

Visit The XII XXI Website


Britany McCants

Owner – Fidelis Mobility LLC

Britany McCants, entrepreneur and visionary, founded Fidelis Mobility in 2022, a non-emergency transportation business committed to providing reliable and compassionate service. With a passion for enhancing accessibility, Britany has dedicated herself to creating a seamless and dependable mobility solution for individuals in need. Her innovative approach and commitment to community well-being drive Fidelis Mobility’s mission to make transportation inclusive and dependable for everyone.

Visit the Fidelis Mobility Website.

Rabia Mirza

Owner – (1) Ethnic Wears and Wares & (2) Under There

Rabia Mirza is a dynamic BfloGal!  Born, raised, and educated in Buffalo, New York, she is committed to serving her community by uncovering our common humanity. She believes that our stories, our treasures, and our cultural heritages should bring us together, rather than push us apart. Rabia works to provide connection and access for novel collaboration and support, encircling both families and traditions that go back generations, as well as those newly arrived, to our Queen City, the “City of Light.”