Four New Companies to Locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

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Four New Companies to Locate to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

New Tenants to be located at 73 High Street

BUFFALO, N.Y., June 25, 2015 – The BNMC announced today the addition of four new companies to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, all of whom will be located at BNMC’s life sciences incubator at 73 High Street. The new tenants include Healthcare Hub, Rehoboth, DeconSure and Photolitec. The 30,000 square foot space, operated by BNMC as part of its portfolio of workspace options for young and emerging companies, also includes current tenants Cleveland BioLabs and Buffalo BioLabs.

The new tenants include:

  • Healthcare Hub, A licensed wholesale distributor of medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals that is currently developing eco-friendly supplies for medical institutions. The company has recently relocated from Tennessee.
  • Rehoboth, currently developing a diagnostic bio-sensor that can detect specific molecules and may have wp-contentlications for testing water and other uses.
  • DeconSure, relocating from the United Kingdom, is a contamination control company focused on testing and improving the effectiveness of sterilization procedures, primarily for hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and medical devices.
  • Photolitec LLC, a company spun off from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in 2010 to develop and commercialize photosensitizing agents and technologies used in photodynamic therapy (PDT). This unique FDA-wp-contentroved cancer treatment, which was developed at Roswell Park, combines light-sensitizing drugs with laser light to offer treatment options that are just as effective as other cancer therapies but with fewer side effects and long-term impacts on quality of life.

According to Vic Nole, Director of Business Development for the BNMC, “The life sciences incubator in close proximity to the medical, research and education communities on Campus, in combination with the entrepreneurial culture here have been very attractive to start-up companies. We are thrilled to be able to offer a variety of workspace options and that these companies have chosen to join the Medical Campus community permanently.”

Nole noted that the services of Ignite, BNMC’s business development office, are available to the new companies and that he expects they will take advantage of the free services in varying degrees. “For some of these entrepreneurs, our biggest role is in making introductions to others on Campus, while others many need more mentoring and traditional incubation-type services, all offered through Ignite. We see our role as providing the support and connections where ever possible and aligning wp-contentropriate services with the needs of each individual company.”

Ignite actively identifies and evaluates new business opportunities, educates and provides mentorship to entrepreneurs, and creates, incubates, and grows new companies in Buffalo.

In addition to 73 High Street, the BNMC also owns and operates the Thomas R. Beecher Jr. Innovation Center that is designed to accommodate small and mid-size companies seeking office, wet lab and/or research space, on a month-to-month basis or via longer-term leases. The facility is designed as a “plug ‘n play” set-up whereby tenants enjoy a fully operational office setting without having to handle office and facilities issues such as phone, Internet and other services. Tenants also have access to collaborative space, conference rooms, kitchen facilities and other amenities. Additional workspace also includes dig (design innovation garage) co-working space, available to those who do not need full office amenities. Dig is also located at the Innovation Center at 640 Ellicott Street in the former Trico building.


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