BNMC Food Truck Rodeo Kicks Off Monday, June 8


BNMC’s Food Truck Rodeo Kicks Off Monday, June 8th!

Rodeo Held on the Lawn at Washington & Carlton Streets

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Summer is admittedly our favorite time of the year on Campus! The flowers are in full bloom, people fill the sidewalks, our wellness activities are hopping, and the daily food truck rodeo draws hundreds of employees to enjoy lunch outdoors. While many of these things will still happen this year, it’s going to feel a bit different due to our COVID-19 safety measures.

Food Truck Rodeo Details:

  • Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing.
  • Only 4 trucks are allowed daily to provide enough room.
  • Unfortunately, there will not be any outdoor seating.  Food trucks will package all food to go. Please do not linger on the lawn after getting your food.
  • Please be respectful.

Despite these precautions, we are looking forward to another wonderful 2020 season.  Thank you for supporting our local food trucks!