Continental 1

The PCA Group

The Continental 1 Corridor is the 1,500-mile direct route from Toronto to Miami that will bring business growth and faster, safer travel.
An estimated 600 jobs in Ontario and 800 jobs in NYS are dependent upon trade crossing between Canada and the US. The US/Canadian trade relationship is the largest bi-national trade relationship in the world. Canada’s US trade is three times larger than their trade with the rest of the world combined.

Potential for increased trade is significant – Buffalo Niagara alone is home to seven international ports of entry (four auto/truck, two rail, and one water), facilitating an estimated $81 billion in annual trade between Canada and the U.S.

Recent Progress

More progress has been made in the past 10 years than in the 40-year history of the effort. Most recently, the 4.2-mile stretch of the Rt. 219 Southern Tier Expressway in New York – spanning from Springville to Ashford – opened featuring nine new bridges and was finished at a cost of $129 million.

In Bradford Township, Pennsylvania, recent portions completed include 11 miles of road; in Johnsonburg, two miles of elevated highway. In Somerset, only $35 million of the $350 million project is yet to be allocated.

We are gaining momentum with private and public companies, trade organizations, universities and the general public. Key decision makers and community leaders have joined the effort to create jobs and keep commerce flowing from Toronto to Miami.

Key to continuing work in New York is restoration of the $6 million Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) by the NYDOT. Work on 219 is stalled unless this money is restored and construction can move forward.

Get behind it!

We need your help to persuade local, state and federal officials to finish what is already 85 percent complete. Contact your representatives and encourage them to support the Continental 1 Corridor. Contact us for sample letters and contact information.