Healthy, Sustainable Living on the Medical Campus

Fostering Community is a Guiding Principle

As the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus grows, it is being transformed into a dynamic neighborhood all its own. With a focus on building a community that fosters “collisions” among those who work and visit, we encourage more interaction, collaboration and idea sharing. In doing so, we have created a place of energy and inspiration that attracts more people and more innovation here.

Bridging connections with our wider community also guides much of the work of the BNMC team. We work together with partners, neighbors and other stakeholders to identify issues, address challenges and invest our resources in ways that benefit our wider community and that help our neighbors share in the success of the Medical Campus.

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Four Neighborhoods, One Community

Consideration for the diverse and historic neighborhoods adjacent to the Medical Campus has been a guiding principle since the formation of the BNMC in 2002.

In 2006, we brought together residents and neighborhood stakeholders from Allentown, the Fruit Belt, and downtown for an integrated planning effort called “Four Neighborhoods, One Community.” This award-winning long-term process recognized the importance of planning for our growth together and continues to be our framework for collaborative engagement with our neighborhood partners.  It also reinforced our commitment to adhering to smart growth principles of urban development by creating a dense, vibrant Medical Campus.

Situated Between Diverse and Historic Neighborhoods

Encouraging a Healthier Community

Health in all its forms – economic, environmental, personal –  are essential for any community to thrive. Since we began, our team has worked to promote active living and a focus on access to healthy food.

We take a holistic approach that accounts for the needs of our adjacent neighborhoods, the built environment, and access to the things that promote health, including nutritious food and opportunities for active lifestyles. Working with a myriad of partners, the BNMC has played a role in the City of Buffalo’s Green Code, Complete Streets, policy changes, and programs that open access to better food options that have had a positive impact on the Western New York Community.

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