Bringing Healthy Foods to Hospitals

BNMC Fit on Tuesday, June 27

Bringing Healthy Foods to Hospitals

We were so proud to work with Roswell Park as part of our Farm-to-Hospital effort, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Local Food Procurement Planning grant, in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension, University at Buffalo, Field & Fork Network, Healthcare Without Harm, and Timbre Consultants.

Among our key findings include:

  • Local products are often assumed to be more costly, but seasonal local produce brings cost savings.
  • Farm outreach and relationship building is critical
  • Establishing institutional leadership is key for identifying project champions for change.
  • Teach through experience – we brought a local delegation to the University of Vermont Medical Center to see a successful model

We hope to be able to implement many of the recommendations across the Medical Campus this year. Learn more about how the team at Roswell Park has already adopted some of these findings to provide even healthier options for their patients.