AR Signage for a Safer Reopening


AR Signage for a Safer Reopening

The BNMC has recently partnered with Twisted Rope to launch augmented reality (AR) signage in the Innovation Center to communicate safety information more efficiently using the AReveryware app. Download on Google Play or the App Store. This exciting technology uses augmented reality with signage to play videos on smartphones to give employees and visitors important instructions. 

See how it works in this video.

“Until Sam Mazzarro from BNMC contacted us, we had not considered how our augmented reality technology might help in a safety context. BNMC has been a great partner and catalyst. Since that first call, the ideas and uses of the technology as an informational system have been expanding incredibly and it’s led us into additional deployments with public and private companies.” – Greg Norton, President – Twisted Rope

Benefits of SafeReopen

  • Reduce Risk
  • Easy to Use
  • Update Information Remotely
  • Customize Information for Your Facility

If you’re interested in learning more about this technology for your facility or workplace, please reach out to Parrish Gust at