21 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installed on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

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Kari Bonaro, BNMC, tel 716.218.7157, cell 202.904.7034, kbonaro@bnmc-old.local

Diana Dibble, AAA, tel 315.453-5904, cell 315.345.3664, ddibble@nyaaa.com


21 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installed on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Two More Installed at AAA Car Care Plus Locations in Amherst & Clarence

Buffalo, NY – Today the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. (BNMC) and its partners unveiled 21 electric vehicle charging stations installed across the Medical Campus and two at AAA facilities in Amherst.  This project is a joint effort between BNMC, AAA Western and Central New York, National Grid, Clean Communities of Western NY, NYSERDA, the Global Energy institute, and the US Department of Energy.

“A major focus for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus institutions right now is planning for the future growth of this campus, in particular taking into account our short- and long-term transportation and energy needs to accommodate the large-scale growth we are anticipating over the next decade. We were thrilled to be able to partner with AAA and NYSERDA on this important project, as part of our ongoing initiative energize BNMC (building new model communities),” said Matthew K. Enstice, President, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc.

The AAA and BNMC partnership were awarded and successfully implemented a $300,000 project with a $150,000 grant awarded by the DOE/NYSERDA for the turnkey installation of 21 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (240-volt GE DuraStations) throughout the Campus parking areas, including the parking lot at 589 Ellicott Street, the garage at Ellicott & Goodrich, the garage currently under construction at 134 High Street, and in the right of way along Ellicott Street.

“The rapidly growing BNMC continues to set the global standard as an efficient, modern, high quality Medical Campus that integrates vital scientific initiatives that meet health care needs,” said Mayor Byron W. Brown. “With charging stations on campus, we hope more organizations follow suit to increase energy efficiency in Buffalo, and protect our environment.”

In addition, AAA has installed EV Chargers at its two AAA Car Care Plus locations – 8120 Main Street in Clarence and 2131 Eggert Road in Amherst (near Niagara Falls Boulevard).

“AAA is pleased to be a part of this initiative and on the cutting edge of automotive technology that positions us to serve the ever-changing needs of our AAA members,” said Tom Chestnut, President/CEO of AAA Western and Central New York.  “We thank the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, NYSERDA, and Clean Cities for the opportunity to be on board with electric vehicle charging stations at our AAA Car Care Plus locations in Amherst and Clarence for all motorists to access.”

Barry Carr and Bill Pauly, representing the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program proclaimed, “This is a wonderful boost to Western New York as these charging stations will allow our citizens to take advantage of the latest all electric and plug in hybrid vehicles.  Use of these vehicles will significantly lower vehicle emissions and provide Western New York residents with the opportunity to charge their vehicles while away from home.  We wp-contentreciate the leadership taken by BNMC, AAA, and National Grid in wp-contentlying for this Recovery Act Funding to create commerce here in Western New York”.

Focused on a wide array of public and retail destination stations, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) has been deployed throughout New York State in an effort to reduce dependence on petroleum-based fuels.  All major vehicle manufacturers are now selling all electric or plug in hybrid vehicles that can dramatically lower operating cost and emissions.  The 23 EVSEs unveiled today, a first of its magnitude for the Greater Western New York region, will be followed by units located at local and super regional shopping centers and malls, open area lots, covered garages, parks, neighborhoods, and municipal and business offices.

“Across New York State, federal stimulus funds are helping to build a transportation system that emits fewer harmful emissions and is less dependent on imported petroleum,” said Linda Hardie, Project Manager at NYSERDA.  “This project represents a key step in making Buffalo and all of New York State a leader in electric transportation.  NYSERDA commends BNMC, AAA, National Grid, and Clean Cities for the vision and commitment they have shown in bringing this project to fruition.”

“Electric vehicles offer our society a path for a fundamental change in moving our transportation systems away from being oil dependent towards increased electrification.  Electrification of the transportation sector means significant flexibility in using a diversified portfolio of energy sources, which may include clean and renewable sources.  And this in turn may drive down transportation costs, improve our climate due to less pollution, and in general make our economy stronger,” said Dr. Alex Domijan, James Clerk Maxwell Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Power Center for Utility Explorations at the University at Buffalo, and President and CEO of the Global Energy Institute at the BNMC.  “We are excited to lead this effort at BNMC and find ways in which we can make EV’s part of our everyday lives. The experimental studies we will conduct will include use patterns, charging and storage techniques, and many more related efforts to benefit our community as the BNMC urban platform is ideal for considerations in setting an example for other communities nationally to emulate.”

“National Grid and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus recently launched Energize BNMC, a historic partnership designed to transform the campus into a global leader in energy innovation and the installation of the electric vehicle charging stations throughout the campus is a perfect complement to fulfilling the vision of this partnership,” said Dennis Elsenbeck, Director of Community & Customer Management for National Grid in Buffalo. “National Grid supports the development and utilization of alternative transportation fuels like electricity and natural gas. These fuels are clean, economical and domestic, and their adoption will help strengthen the economy and protect the environment.  As part of our partnership with the BNMC we are striving to develop new solutions and cutting edge wp-contentroaches on everything from energy efficiency to renewable energy to smart technologies and what better way for the campus to build on this vision than making the campus electric car friendly through the efforts of NYSERDA , and the US Department of Energy.”

“We are excited and proud to see the GE DuraStation become a central component of Buffalo Niagara’s clean, green environment,” said Gary Arnott, General Manager of sales and global distribution for GE Energy Industrial Solutions.  “By positioning chargers across the campus, the BNMC now offers a leading example of the importance of a viable, sustainable EV infrastructure.”

For Electric Vehicle owners interested in utilizing BNMC’s new Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network please contact us at 716.854.BNMC to learn more. More information on AAA’s EV Charging Stations is available by  calling AAA Car Care Plus in Clarence at 716.932.3900 or Amherst at 716.362.0562.

Initially, use of the EVSE will be provided at no cost to the public in an effort to foster increased use of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.  The grant funds for this effort were a part of a $30 million dollar award through NYSERDA and five of the US DOE Clean Cities Organizations in NYS.

About the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is a consortium of the region’s premier health care, life sciences research, and medical education institutions, all located on 120 acres in downtown Buffalo, New York. The BNMC is dedicated to the cultivation of a world-class medical campus for clinical care, research, education, and entrepreneurship. BNMC member institutions are the University at Buffalo, Kaleida Health, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, Buffalo Medical Group, Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center, Olmsted Center for Sight, Upstate New York Transplant Services, and the Center for Hospice and Palliative Care.

The BNMC has:

  • 4.5 million square feet of existing research, clinical, and support space today, with more than two million square feet currently in development or soon to be underway, equaling an investment of $500 million in public and private funding.
  • 8,500 people working on the Medical Campus today, a number that will rise to nearly 12,000 in the next few years.
  • More than one million patients and visitors annually.
  • Nine major institutions and more than 45 public and private life sciences companies are located on the BNMC.