BNMC 2018 Impact Report

BNMC 2018 Impact Report

BNMC 2018 Impact Report

The BNMC has released its 2018 Impact Report, which highlights our team’s efforts toward these three goals:

  • Drive innovation, economic development, and job growth.
  • Cultivate a safe, accessible, active, and inclusive district that fosters wellbeing and is supported by smart, sustainable infrastructure – a place where people want to work, live, visit, and invest.
  • Connect local youth, residents, businesses, and neighborhoods to economic opportunities.

We continue to work toward becoming the place where tech and social entrepreneurs, mature and growing companies, students, investors, and neighbors innovate, invent, collaborate, and launch the next big idea.

Those of you who we have partnered with over the years know that we operate through a collaborative model that brings diverse stakeholders together under a shared vision to leverage opportunities and solve challenges faced by our community to create a better future for all. We have successfully implemented this model throughout the past 15 years. And while this process takes time and is not a silver bullet, we believe working together is the only way to enact real change.

By dreaming big, our collaborative efforts will continue to lift our community and our collective renaissance.

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Download the BNMC 2018 Impact Report.