Youth and Education

Goal: To share our expertise and our resources in ways to expand knowledge, skill or experience that helps to contribute to the opportunities and future success of young people.

Supporting the Next Generation

Driving change in our community must be relevant and positive for the next generation of scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs, students and other young people who will live, work and play here. Using our MutualCity methodology, we work to share our resources and collaborate with students and young people, as well as to listen to their voices on how to create a more dynamic community. We focus on areas where we have dedicated expertise to share or resources that can contribute to the learning environment.

We focus on linking students to potential careers and to help them make connections that help them attain their job and career objectives; instill a sense of entrepreneurial spirit; and empower them to help build a healthier, more sustainable community. We also seek ways to give students an opportunity to provide input and perspective.

Highlights of BNMC's work in youth and education include
  • We host “Picture Yourself on the Medical Campus” a half-day event for 7th – 12th grade students to showcase the range of career opportunities here. Families have access to “behind the scenes” areas including operating rooms, robotics labs, and research facilities not typically open to the public, as well as opportunities to meet with professionals in those areas.
  • BNMC hosts group tours for students and dedicated student events to showcase Campus institutions and expose students to potential careers.
  • BNMC was instrumental in creating the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Youth Advisory Council, now known as HYPE (Healthy Youth, Positive Energy) a group of high school students engaged in lending their voices and opinions on issues related to wellness and healthy communities.
  • We continue to work with a partnership including the Buffalo Public Schools on the Farm-to-School program to introduce more healthy food options in school lunches.
  • BNMC actively engages college students at the Innovation Center to educate, mentor and support students interested in developing their own start-up businesses. We host events dedicated to reaching and educating local college students and also work to connect students with potential internship opportunities with businesses located on the Medical Campus.
  • BNMC education efforts extend to local residents in the areas of resume writing and other skills needed to search for and secure employment.