Transportation and Access

Goal: BNMC’s goal is to ensure a safe, accessible destination for visitors and patients, while creating a sustainable and efficient transportation and access system for employees, neighbors, and the community.

Planning For Growth

The BNMC ensures that patients, visitors, and employees on the Medical Campus enjoy exceptional customer service, including parking and transportation services. At the same time, we are committed to supporting a development strategy that includes compact, transit-oriented, and walkable urban environments. We work to strengthen partnerships with our member institutions, neighbors, and other stakeholders with the aim of developing collaborative solutions to regional transportation issues and mitigating potentially negative impacts from the influx of employees to the Campus.

Through GO BNMC, BNMC’s employee-focused transportation campaign, we offer a wide range of efficient transportation and parking options so that BNMC commuters have choices on how they get to work. We support the use of alternative transportation modes (transit, carpool, bicycle, walking) so as to reduce traffic congestion and associated pollution, and utilize scarce land in more economically productive ways.

Highlights of BNMC's work in transporation include
  • BNMC continually monitors, plans for, and manages parking and transportation options as the campus grows. This work is done through our Transportation Management Association (TMA), a collaboration of BNMC and transportation-related entities, using a 2010 Comprehensive Transportation Study as a foundation.
  • Secured funding from NYSERDA and NYSDOT and brought groups together to identify solutions for local residents in the Fruit Belt Neighborhood impacted by employee parking on their streets. This included studying parking patterns to determine issues and options and in supporting legislation to create a parking benefits district in partnership with neighborhoods and other partners.
  • Implemented GO Buffalo, a campus-wide community outreach program, to identify and address transportation and mobility issues in surrounding neighborhoods and to share job and transportation information with residents.
  • Manage the majority of Campus parking systems and coordinate parking supply and demand with member institutions and collaborate through the TMA to pro-actively addresses similar issues on a more regional basis.

Transportation and Access

Transportation and Access

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