Ways to Get Here & Around Campus

Why Ride Alone When You Can Commute With A Neighbor?

Cut your commuting costs in half or more! We’re here to make it easy for you to carpool. Sign up for a Carpool Permit or find someone to carpool with through the 511NY Rideshare Matching System.


  • Park in reserved and convenient spaces at 589 Ellicott, 134 High or 854 Ellicott.
  • Split the cost – signing up for a carpool permit allows you to split the cost between you and your carpool partners. Savings don’t stop there – you’ll also be saving money on fuel and annual maintenance. On average, carpool parkers save up to $1,000 per year.
  • Automatic enrollment in our Green Commuter Club, including our Guaranteed Ride Home Program, Parking Validation Program for days you have to drive separately (covers four days per month for carpoolers), and eligibility for monthly raffle prizes.

Carpool Park & Rides

There are free park & rides throughout the region where you can meet up with colleagues and take one car the rest of the way to work. This can be more convenient for the driver since he/she doesn’t have to pick everyone up at separate locations.

These park & rides are free for carpoolers and transit riders. Use our Interactive Map to see where these park & rides are located, or browse the list below.

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