BNMC 1st Annual Food as Medicine Symposium

Harvesting Health 2021 - Catalyzing Adoption of Food As Medicine Interventions in Buffalo, New York

Virtual, Free Event

Saturday, October 16th, 2021 8:30-4:30 EST

Local Food Happy Hour Networking Event to follow at Company B Tasting Room and Market, 1250 Niagara Street 5 pm-7 pm EST

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from national and local leaders in the field on the topics of The Importance of Nutrition in Medical School Education, Food as Medicine Interventions and Food Equity, and The Importance of Partnership and Community.  Breakout sessions will offer the opportunity to further investigate these topics.  After the virtual symposium, participants can join a networking event in person to cap off the experience.

The Symposium will provide a space to learn, collaborate and grow adoption of Food As Medicine interventions among local healthcare systems as well as learn from and add to the national movement.

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BNMC’s First Annual Food As Medicine Symposium aims to further expand and catalyze the adoption of Food as Medicine programs in the immediate WNY community. National speakers will highlight the three decades of research, policy, and advocacy efforts in building federal support for these highly effective programs. Sessions will feature national and local panelists discussing the importance of clinical-community partnerships, the success of existing programs, the transformation of the current medical school curriculum, and why food equity must be built into these programs. An interactive Farm to Fork Cooking Demonstration will be featured.

Keynote – The Critical Role of Research and Advocacy: From Practice to Policy

Our joint keynote will feature David Waters, CEO at Community Servings in Boston, Massachusetts, and Karen Pearl, President and CEO at God’s Love We Deliver in New York City.  From delivering thousands of Medically Tailored Meals to publishing research to advocating for policy changes at the state and federal level, David and Karen are driving support for the national Food as Medicine movement. They were part of a group of nutrition activists who founded the Food Is Medicine Coalition, an association of nonprofit medically tailored food and nutrition service providers focusing efforts on policy, research, and capacity building nationwide.

Breakout Sessions

Following the keynote, participants will attend panels and breakout sessions featuring national and local leaders in the field, including the Yale School of Medicine, Community Health Centers of Buffalo, Evergreen Health, and GBUAHN. Topics include Integrating Nutrition in Medical School Education, Using Food as Medicine Interventions to build Food Equity, and The Importance of Clinical and Community Partnerships.  Breakout sessions will be facilitated working sessions, offering attendees an opportunity to further investigate these topics and jump into the work.

See the full conference agenda here.

Meet our speakers, panelists, and moderators here.

Keynote Address
Karen Pearl – President and CEO, God’s Love We Deliver, New York, NY
David Waters – CEO, Community Servings, Boston, MA